Blood Pressure Declines 14 to 18 Years Before Death

You probably know that having your blood pressure creep up as you age is dangerous. But I bet you didn't realize that the opposite might also be true. While declining blood pressure in the elderly has long been accepted as a normal trend, new research is indicating that this trend may not be as innocuous as it seems. In fact, it could be signaling the beginning of the end. While this decline may be slow, low blood pressure seems to be an indication that the decline is starting.

For this study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Internal Medicine, researchers from UConn Health and the University of Exeter Medical School examined medical records from over 46,600 deceased British citizens who had lived to age 60 or beyond. The researchers included both healthy individuals and those with diagnosed medical conditions in their sample.

The researchers found that over and over again, decreasing blood pressure signaled the beginning of the patient's decline. It usually started 14 to 18 years before their death. This effect was most dramatic in people with dementia, heart failure, significant weight loss, and even those who started out with high blood pressure. But it also occurred in seemingly healthy individuals.

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This, of course, does not mean high blood pressure shouldn't be treated. We know that it's also associated with potentially fatal conditions. But as you get older you should definitely keep track of your blood pressure. And if it starts to fall and you're taking blood pressure medication, talk with your doctor about decreasing the dose. You don't want it to get too low. But, what should you do if it starts falling and you aren't on medication?

If your blood pressure is getting lower, but you feel great, then there's really nothing you need to do. However, if your blood pressure is falling and you feel weak or tired, the chance is pretty good that your adrenal glands are getting stressed. This is very common. And it's why I formulated Advanced Adrenal Factor so many years ago. So, if that's happening to you, try taking two to three Advanced Adrenal Factor capsules every morning and see if your blood pressure normalizes. You also may start to feel stronger and more energetic through the day. I think Advanced Adrenal Factor is one of the more important supplements we can take. I take three every morning.

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