High blood pressure is a major cause of heart problems and stroke. But did you know there's a time when high blood pressure is actually good for you?

It's true! If you suffer from congestive heart failure, high blood pressure may actually help you live longer. I know that seems to contradict long-held dogma about blood pressure, but that's what the statistics reveal. Your risk of death from heart failure is more than 400% greater if your systolic blood pressure is less than 120 compared to greater than 161. I'll tell you why in this particular case, higher blood pressure is better.

Heart failure means that your heart can't pump out all the blood that returns to it. So blood can back up in your lungs, abdomen, or legs as edema. Usually it means that your heart muscle is just too weak to pump well. That creates another problem. Your coronary arteries need the right amount of pressure to force enough blood through your heart cells. Lower blood pressure can deny sufficient oxygen delivery, which will further exacerbate a delicate balance. Less oxygen, more heart failure.

High blood pressure, on the other hand, can help a struggling heart (and possibly other organs) get enough oxygen. Higher blood pressure in heart failure is also a sign that the heart still has muscular force enough to pump at higher pressure. Lower blood pressure in heart failure can be a signal that the heart just cannot maintain a needed pressure.

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Taking drugs to lower blood pressure could deny your heart the extra blood it needs for optimal viability. Of course, high blood pressure means your heart cells have to work harder. So it's a trade off. You don't want too high a pressure for the latter reason, nor too low a pressure for flow reasons. I generally shoot for a blood pressure of about 140 when treating congestive heart failure.

I've treated heart failure many times, generally with excellent success. I'm never eager to drop blood pressure too low for the above reasons. My approach is to strengthen muscle cell performance. That, on its own, can naturally bring down pressure. And help prevent heart failure.

Nutrients to this effect include potassium, magnesium, resveratrol or Seanol, taurine, cretagus or hawthorn berry, ribose, and carnitine. But the most important one is CoQ10. I still favor the formulation made by Healthy Resolve (800-728-2288) and recommend at least 600 mg daily for anyone with heart failure.

Ref: Journal of the American Medical Association, November 8, 2006; 296(18): 2217-2226.

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