Ozone Therapy Receives Senate Approval in Brazil

Although the Unites States is surprisingly slow to get on the bandwagon, the medical use of ozone is steadily gaining acceptance around the world. Medical ozone therapy is officially approved in Germany, Italy, Spain, and Saudi Arabia. And although it hasn't received official governmental sanction, it's commonly used in most of the countries around the world. This includes the United States. 

In November, Dr. Maria Emilia, the president of the Brazilian ozone medical association, announced that the Brazilian Senate approved the medical use of ozone earlier in the month. This is the first step toward full approval.

In a press conference announcing the senatorial approval, Dr. Emilia did a great job of summarizing, in 22 minutes, the characteristics, benefits and application modes of medical ozone. She discussed specific clinical cases including diabetes, colon cancer, and pain therapy. She also referenced a study done with autistic children, in which the children started talking after only a few treatments with ozone therapy. To doctors and patients alike here in the United States who have already experienced the amazing healing power of ozone therapy, these stories come as no surprise.

Medical ozone is not pollution. It's a highly energized form of pure oxygen. And while oxygen has its own very powerful healing properties, ozone therapy is many times more powerful. This is why I formed the American Academy of Ozonotherapy six years ago to study and teach ozone therapy to U.S. doctors.

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As of October of this year, the academy has over 200 doctors who are fully trained in all the various aspects of ozone therapy. You can find one of these doctors at the academy website (www.aaot.us). Doctors, dentists, and veterinarians interested in learning about and offering ozone therapy to their patients can find training programs at this website. 

In 2015, the academy began the first Institutional Review Board approved research program in the United States evaluating ozone therapy. Right now, we have over 25 co-investigators around the country streaming in clinical data to our central database. And the results are very impressive. 

Soon, we will have the information needed to begin the same approval process that has already passed in so many countries and is now taking hold in Brazil. My dream is that in the not too distant future, every American will be able to easily access the healing potential of ozone therapy. Approval in the U.S. would open the door for insurance coverage and wider use in conventional clinics and hospitals.

For more information on ozone therapy, doctors can read my book The Principles and Applications of Ozone Therapy. And non-professionals can read my book The Ozone Miracle. Both are available on Amazon.

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