New Targets for Drugs to Treat Fatty Liver Disease and Liver Cancer

Have you ever wondered why prescription drugs are so expensive? Of course, it’s partially because the drug co mpanies want to make a buck or two (or a billion). But it’s also because they have to pay for all the research and development that goes into making a drug. Sometimes that’s necessary. But sometimes it’s because drug companies are trying to come up with a product they can sell – even when effective natural solutions already exist. Get a load of all that’s being done to develop new drug targets to treat the liver – and why they aren’t necessary.

Swedish researchers at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology’s Science for Life Laboratory have been examining the biological networks of 46 different major human tissues. They’re looking for drug targets that will benefit the liver without affecting other tissues. Because the accumulation of fat in the liver affects the metabolism and causes fatty liver disease, the researchers were able to map these changes and compare them to the networks of the other tissues.

The researchers started by using computer models to make predictions, then went on to test their ideas in human cancer cell lines, mouse livers, and human liver cells. They’ve been able to find some genetic targets for decreasing cell growth in the liver (remember that uninhibited cell growth is called cancer) and fat accumulation and hope to develop drugs that will affect these genes directly.

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Of course, if you’re using prescription drugs to treat a major organ, you do need to worry about potential side effects and try to keep the treatment as focused as possible. But if you use naturally sourced nutrients, you don’t need to worry about their effects on the rest of the body – all your major tissues will benefit from extra antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components. You don’t need to analyze specially mapped networks to figure that out either. It’s basically why natural substances are so much safer than drugs.

That’s why I don’t think my patients need to wait around or save their pennies while the drug companies try to create a “targeted” treatment. They can take Advanced Liver Support instead. It contains eight different nutrients proven to support your liver. One of those is phosphatidylcholine. It’s vital to liver health, but it also has a side effect. It supports your brain too! A side effect of the glycyrrhizin found in the product is that it also supports the adrenal glands. And milk thistle will make sure your inflammation response is appropriate throughout your body, not just in your liver. Now, those are side effects I can live with!

Taking care of your liver doesn’t have to be complicated. You just need to be willing to try a product that will help you stay healthy from head to toe.

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