One of the great joys in eating for most people is bread. I know, I used to eat a lot of it. Bread is a dietary staple for many cultures. But if you're interested in staying healthy and living a long life, you may have to put your bread on the chopping block. Not only can it increase your risk of diabetes and weight gain ... it can also increase your risk of cancer.

A new study on 2,300 bread-loving Italians revealed some disturbing news for bread eaters. The researchers discovered that the group with the highest bread consumption had nearly double the risk of kidney cancer compared to the lowest. A weaker association with pasta and rice was found as well. They also discovered a reduced risk with meat, chicken, and both cooked and raw vegetables.

Some of the greatest flak I take for my vegetarian Living Foods Diet is from vegetarians who love to eat bread. You see, bread is vegetarian, but it sure doesn't qualify for the Living Foods Diet because it's cooked. However, it's not only cooked and therefore absolutely dead, it's highly refined. This study finds cancer rates increase with processed foods and even rice.

Now some authorities will tell you to load up on meat. True, meat didn't show up on this study. But if you take the latest data from the Nurses Health Study, you'll find that eating more than 1.5 servings of red meat per day nearly doubles your risk for hormone receptor positive breast cancer. The relationship of this cancer to meat consumption was almost linear - the more meat you eat, the more cancer you'll get.

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Now, if you look at the worldwide studies on diet and cancer, you'll find the only foods that don't show up on any cancer-causing list are living foods. These include fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds.

I won't deny that once every few months, I'll get a loaf of heavy organic bread. You can too! But please keep it down, especially if you are heavy. The researchers speculate that bread (and the other carbs) is related to the cancer because it causes high insulin levels. If you have any kind of weight problem, bread will make your insulin problem even worse. And insulin promotes cancer!

Do yourself a huge favor. Make bread your uncommon treat. Don't eat it daily, or even weekly. It's just too dangerous to your health.

International Journal of Cancer, October 20, 2006; Arch Intern Med, 2006.

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