This surgery could repair your rotator cuff — but you may not need it

Volume 14    |   Issue 96

If you have a rotator cuff injury that you've been told is irreparable, researchers at Osaka Medical College in Japan think they have good news for you. According to research recently presented at the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine's Annual Meeting, these supposedly irreparable injuries might be fixable after all. You just have to undergo surgery.

The researchers were investigating a surgical technique called arthroscopic superior capsule reconstruction (SCR). So far, it's allowed 26 treated athletes to return to their sports and 32 people with heavy workloads to get back to work. All of these patients had tried other conservative treatment approaches without success.

The researchers evaluated 100 patients to determine their ranges of motions before and after the surgery. According to two different measures, average scores jumped from 35.7 and 52.8 (both out of 100) to 92.4 and 91.4, respectively. Active range of motion, measured by elevation, external rotation, and internal rotation, improved in all of the patients.

This is great news — if you want to have shoulder surgery. But I think in almost every case, surgery can be avoided. You just need the right treatment. And I can tell you about it. I've been using it for years and have taught hundreds of doctors how to do it. I've also seen many shoulder injuries repaired through this treatment — without the risks that accompany a surgery.


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This treatment is called Prolozone therapy, which I've told you about before. It involves the injection of medical grade ozone directly into your rotator cuff. This might sound pretty strange because most people think of ozone as something that is in air pollution. But medical grade ozone is something very different from pollution.

Medical grade ozone is a gas. It's a naturally occurring molecule that consists of three atoms of oxygen. Because oxygen atoms usually combine in pairs, the third atom of oxygen present in ozone makes it highly reactive. It's much more reactive than even pure oxygen. And this enhanced reactivity is what causes it to dramatically stimulate the healing process.

Once injected into the rotator cuff, ozone causes a mild inflammatory reaction. In the body, inflammation attracts cells called fibroblasts to the area that's inflamed. Fibroblasts are specialized cells that repair injuries like tears. They do this by producing collagen, which can then form new ligament, tendon, and muscle tissue. In this way, Prolozone therapy stimulates the body's own natural healing processes. The result is a rapid healing of even the worst rotator cuff injuries.

All it takes is an injection every one to two weeks. Each case is different, so the doctor has to decide how often you need it. The worse the tear, the more treatments you'll need. Most cases require just four to five treatments. The good thing about Prolozone therapy is that the results actually fix the tear — and the pain — permanently. No surgery required.

To find a doctor who knows how to use Prolozone, visit There are a few cases that Prolozone can't help, and for those, SCR surgery may be helpful. But give ozone a try first. You'll likely be glad you did.

Yours for better health,





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