Stress could be destroying your eyesight — here's how to protect your eyes

Volume 14    |   Issue 83

You've probably heard the expression “seeing red” before. While this is just a figure of speech used to describe extreme emotions, it turns out that there may in fact be a connection between how we're feeling and what we're seeing. In particular, researchers are investigating a link between stress levels and age-related macular degeneration (AMD). And what they found could save your eyesight.

Initially, you might not think the two have much to do with each other. But if you consider that each is strongly connected to inflammation levels in the body, you'll see that the connection makes a lot more sense. The good news is that this makes both conditions easier to treat simultaneously. I'll tell you more about how to do that below.

For a study recently published in Optometry and Vision Science, which is the official journal of the American Academy of Optometry, researchers evaluated stress levels in 137 patients with AMD. They used a rating system called the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS). The PSS has been shown to provide valuable information about inflammation markers, so it's a helpful tool in measuring how stress is affecting the respondent physically.


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The researchers wanted to identify a correlation between responses to the PSS and AMD. They found a connection with nine of the ten questions on the PSS. This indicated a relationship between perceived stress and AMD, likely due to the increased inflammation present in both conditions.

Losing your vision can certainly be stressful, and the inflammation chronic stress creates only makes the problem worse. But tackling both issues can help you feel calmer, knowing that you're doing your best to support your health. If you know you've been experiencing chronic stress, whether or not you've recognized it affecting your vision, I recommend Advanced Adrenal Factor. Pumping out stress hormones is very taxing on your adrenal glands, and when they get overworked, you can create yet another vicious cycle of stress and inflammation. Giving your adrenals proper support can help them respond appropriately and do their job more efficiently.

You also can support your eyes with Advanced Vision Formula. It contains 15 nutrients and antioxidants that will help protect you from inflammation and reduce eye fatigue and strain. And, of course, reducing stress in your life is always a good idea. Chronic stress creates chronic inflammation in the body. That's not just bad for your eyes; it's bad for every part of you. So set your sights on a more peaceful way of life and take whatever steps necessary to achieve it. "Seeing red" should be a red flag that you need to make a change.

Yours for better health,





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