Toxins are everywhere. One of the most common is dioxin, which is one of the most insidious cancer-inducers we've found. This notorious chemical poisoned many of our GIs during the Vietnam War. I treated many of these GIs. And dioxin was particularly difficult to treat. You've got to unload the chemicals. These hydrocarbons melt into your fat. So they can be hard to get rid of. But I had a secret weapon that really helps with these difficult cases.

It's called chlorella. I've used this blue-green algae as a detoxifying agent for years. And there are times when it can work miracles. Now science if finally catching up.

A Japanese study on pregnant women found that taking chlorella while pregnant reduces the amount of dioxin in their breast milk by 30%. Breast milk is loaded with fat, so you would expect it to carry fat-soluble poisons as well. Many DDT-exposed women were scared to nurse their babies for the same reason.

While you may not be pregnant or nursing, this study has huge implications for you. All of us come into contact with thousands of man-made chemicals throughout our life. Some of these, such as dioxin, are deadly.

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Chlorella is an easy way to remove any of these chemicals stored in your body. It's one of the few supplements I take regularly. I consider it more of a super food than a supplement. Not only does it detoxify, but it is chock full of essential nutrients, including all the essential amino acids and vitamin B12.

Sun Chlorella is an excellent choice and is readily available at most health food stores. The one I like best is E-Lyte Chlorella produced by rigid German organic standards. It's available at 800-896-1484.

If you'd like more information on chlorella, I'm planning to do a major report on it in a future issue of my newsletter Second Opinion. If you're not a subscriber, you can subscribe on my website.

Ref: Nakano S, Noguchi T, Takekoshi H, Suzuki G, Nakano M.; Saiseikai Nara Hospital, 4-chome, 8-jyo, Nara, Nara 630-8145, Japan.

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