Impact of Passive Vibration on Arterial Aging

Volume 14    |   Issue 77

Last Wednesday, I told you about the threat of arterial aging. Arterial aging refers to the arteries becoming stiff and hard. Youthful arteries, on the other hand, are flexible. When your arteries age, it dramatically decreases the circulation of vital oxygen and nutrients to our cells and leads to high blood pressure. It also makes us weaker and more susceptible to disease. The sobering thing is that by the age of 70, only one person out of a hundred doesn't have at least some degree of arterial aging. Now, a new study is showing us an extremely easy way that anyone, no matter what kind of shape they're in, can reverse arterial aging.

Researchers just reported on the effect of passive vibration on arterial aging. Passive vibration simply means that the subjects were laying on their backs with their legs resting on a vibration platform. Before and after the experiment, the authors measured the augmentation index in each subject. The augmentation index is a measurement of arterial aging. It typically increases with age. It's a similar measurement to the pulse wave velocity that I've reported on in the past. Half of the subjects used passive vibration as described above. They did it just once for 10 minutes. The other half just rested their legs on the vibrating platform, but no vibration was applied. Then they switched and repeated the experiment again. Here are the amazing results.


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Across the board, the vibrating platform reduced the average augmentation index a very significant 7.2±6.9%. Of course, nothing changed without the vibration. And here's the really good part. You can get your own vibration platform. The one I use is the one that I believe is clearly the best. It's the one that has put vibrational exercise on the map — the Power Plate.

One of the most significant things about the Power Plate is that anyone can exercise on one, no matter what level of fitness or capability they have. And now this study shows that a daily application of simply resting your legs on a Power Plate platform can very significantly make your arteries more youthful. That's impressive! I use my Power Plate three to four days per week. It increases my strength, makes my bones stronger, increases my cardiovascular fitness, and now I know it also rejuvenates my arteries. And while I don't much like lifting weights, I actually enjoy the Power Plate workouts.

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Sanchez-Gonzalez MA, Wong A, et al. Impact of passive vibration on pressure pulse wave characteristics. J Hum Hypertens. 2012 Oct;26(10):610-5

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