Anti-Fungal Helps Defeat Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Volume 14    |   Issue 43

I've talked before about the growing problem of antibiotic-resistant drugs. This is a scary issue that's stemming in part from the overuse of antibiotics both in our healthcare system and in our food chain. The more times we expose bacteria to their enemy, the more chances they have to adapt to it. One type of bacteria in particular, called Gram-negative bacteria, has adapted by developing an outer shell that seems to be impenetrable. Even doctors' big guns — their drugs of last resort — can't get through. And these bacteria are leaving a deadly trail of pneumonia, infections, and meningitis in their wake. But is there hope?

Researchers at Canada's McMaster University were determined to find a way through that shell. They tested over 1,400 drugs to find one that could break through. Finally, they were successful: an antiprotozoal drug, pentamidine, broke open the bacteria's cell surface, letting antibiotics in to do their job. Pentamidine is an antifungal medication, so it's probably not what you would first think of when it comes to treating superbugs. But this research indicates that, when combined with antibiotics, it can effectively stop two out of the three of the superbugs the World Health Organization has identified as a top priority for treatment, and it had some impact on the third as well.

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This is a promising development. But the researchers will need to do more work to make sure this treatment is safe for humans. In the meantime, you can do your part to minimize the proliferation of superbugs by using antibiotics wisely. First, try to avoid them in your food sources. Second, make sure they're truly necessary before you take them to fight an infection. Remember that antibiotics can't help you with viral infections at all — there's absolutely no reason to take them if you have a virus.

But even if you do have a bacterial infection, antibiotics aren't your only option. There are many natural antibiotics you can try. And I like to use ozone therapy to treat infections — both bacterial and viral. I've written about using ozone before. It's great at safely treating and preventing infections without contributing to the resistance problem. But you need a kit to do it.

If you're interested, I like the one by Longevity Resources. You can find out more information and order your own infection-fighting supplies by calling 877-543-3398 if you live in the USA or Canada (or 001 250 654 0092 if elsewhere).

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