Insulin Resistance Reversed by Removal of a Protein

Volume 13    |   Issue 151

Diabetes research today isn't focused on curing the disease. Like most diseases, drug companies aren't interested in curing diabetes. They're interested in keeping you dependant on their products. Here's another example of how they research disease for the purpose of developing products.

Researchers at the University of California School of Medicine have made an interesting discovery when it comes to insulin resistance and glucose intolerance. As you may know, these are hallmarks of diabetes. These researchers say they have found a way to completely reverse insulin sensitivity and glucose intolerance simply by blocking a certain protein.

The researchers have been investigating the connection between chronic inflammation and insulin resistance associated with type-2 diabetes. They've found a link between inflammation and special destroyer cells called macrophages. In adipose tissue (also known as fat), about 40% of the cells are macrophages. Macrophages produce a protein called Gal3, which can bind to cells' insulin receptors, blocking the path of the insulin and leading to insulin resistance. It also signals for more macrophages, causing the cycle to repeat itself.

Obesity is often connected with diabetes, and this research helps explain why. The researchers also found that Gal3 can lead to insulin resistance in the liver, fat cells, and muscle cells. And it can do so even if inflammation is under control. So the researchers focused their attention on blocking or removing Gal3 in mice.

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When they blocked or removed the protein, the researchers found that it seemed to reverse insulin resistance. What's more, it did so even though it didn't change the mice's obesity status.

The researchers believe that finding a way to block this protein could be an effective way to treat insulin resistance in diabetic individuals. Since Gal3 has also been associated with other diseases, they're excited about the potential of figuring out how to block it in humans.

But you don't have to wait for them to figure out how to do that. You know that they're going to find a drug that can block these proteins. Of course, years from now, we'll find out the drugs also block other proteins and cause serious health problems.

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