The FDA Plans to Regulate Compounding Pharmacies Out of Existence

Volume 13    |   Issue 141

Rust never sleeps! There are always going to be people who will do everything they can to further their own cause at the peril of others. Such is the relationship between the FDA, Big Pharma, and the government. And the only way I have ever seen them stopped is by you, the citizen who will take the time to do something about it. This time they're after your right to have access to the supplements and compounded medications you need to be healthy. So once again it is time to mobilize. Without your help, there's literally nothing to stop these people. Here's what's going on.

Not long ago, the government passed an act called the Drug Quality and Security Act. This law gave the FDA increased authority over compounding pharmacies. That was a truly bad idea. But it made Big Pharma very happy. Why so happy? It's because they own the FDA, and compounding pharmacies compete with them. Compounding pharmacies provide the public with natural bio-identical hormones. But Big Pharma doesn't want to do that because they can't get a patent on anything natural. The other problem with compounding pharmacies is that they provide products that cost a fraction of what Big Pharma likes to charge. And the big boys really don't like that. So here's what our friends are up to.

Now that the FDA has some authority over compounding pharmacies, they have decided to work overtime to regulate compounded drugs and supplements out of existence. By the time they get these completely unnecessary regulations passed, virtually no compounding pharmacy will be able to stay in business. And even if they did, the prices would be so high that you could never afford them. You like antibiotics for $10 a pill? How about $10 a pill for vitamin C? Make no mistake about it, these guys are not concerned that these compounded drugs are a life-and-death issue for many people. This is about money and nothing more.

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Bio-identical hormones across the board are about to be regulated right out of your medicine cabinet. Here today and gone tomorrow. And here's the worst part. The reason the FDA is giving for the new regulations is that these natural medications are "too difficult to compound." This is complete nonsense. These medications have been compounded and given to millions of people for decades. And unlike patent drugs, they have virtually no side effects and are killing nobody! But bio-identical hormones are not the only natural treatments going on the block.

Compounded IV treatments are also at risk. Intravenous treatments such as chelation therapy, intravenous vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, minerals, and amino acids also could go. Even your grandmother's B12 shots! Without compounding pharmacies, I'm not going to be able to get the medications I need to help all those so-called incurables who cannot get any help from conventional medicine. Big Pharma does not and will not provide these medications. If the FDA runs compounding pharmacies out of existence, I can tell you now without a doubt that many will suffer.

But obviously, since the FDA is a servant of the public, it will be pleased to hear your input on these new regulations, right? Wrong. The agency has separately proposed to eliminate public participation from the determination process so all of the proposals would illegally occur behind closed doors with no recourse!

If we can't stop this move by the FDA to curb our right to take the medical treatments we need, then I don't know what will come next. So I urge you to call or write your representatives and ask them to please look out for you. The only information they get is from Big Pharma lobbyists. They need to hear from you. Ask them to help us out and do everything they can to stop the FDA from coming up with any more regulations designed to make it more difficult for compounding pharmacies to stay in business. Compounded medications are a lifeline for many Americans. It's vital that neither the FDA nor the pharmaceutical industry is allowed to regulate them out of the market. Fortunately, there is some good news.

The Alliance for Natural Health has made the process of writing your senators and congressmen and women pretty easy. Just go on their website, and follow the instructions. And let me suggest that you not only do that but that you also call your representatives' offices to follow up. And while you're at it, feel free to subscribe and support the Alliance for Natural Health. They are a great source of information and do a great job keeping tabs on the bad boys and looking out for your health.

Yours for better health,




Frank Shallenberger, MD


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