How to prevent cancer without taking a vaccine

Volume 13    |   Issue 130

What's the best way to deal with cancer? Don't get it in the first place. Easier said than done, right? Of course. But new research is helping us understand how to do that more effectively by harnessing the cancer-preventing power we have within our own bodies.

Science has made a lot of progress in the past few decades in the area of cancer prevention. That's because researchers have devoted more of their time to figuring out how people can avoid the disease. One area they're focusing on is our immune system.

If you think about it, all cancers start with just one cell turning malignant and then multiplying. Our immune systems are constantly working to identify those pre-malignant cells and wipe them out before they can do any harm. Considering the sheer number of cells in our body, that's truly an impressive feat. So some researchers are trying to figure out how to shore up the immune system's natural abilities to allow it to continue functioning at full capacity to protect us.

Other researchers are hoping to harness the power of the immune system through anti-cancer vaccines, such as the HPV vaccine. While Big Pharma fans will tell you that this vaccine has been tremendously successful, that's not true at all. The fact is that it causes serious side effects and even death and is almost completely ineffective. So far, the vaccine idea hasn't been as effective or as safe as hoped.

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If we aren't constantly conducting research on it, I think we tend to take the immune system for granted. When our health is good, we tend to overlook all the work our immune systems are doing to keep it that way. Not only does the immune system fight off external invaders trying to infect us, it has to constantly monitor our cells to eliminate those that could become malignant. With all of this work, it's important that we give the immune system the support it needs.

One of the best ways I've found to do this is through MycoPhyto Complex. This is a blend of six medicinal mushrooms that have a number of immune-boosting properties in and of themselves. And the makers of this product don't just grow their mushrooms anywhere. They grow them on immune-supporting herbs. So you get a double dose of immune support thanks to this ingenious method.

Perhaps someday researchers will create a vaccine that prevents all forms of cancer. But if they do, it will succeed not because of the vaccine itself, but because of the way our immune systems utilize the information it provides. A healthy immune system is the foundation of a healthy, cancer-free life, so make sure you're taking steps to support yours.

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