How drinking alcohol can prevent type-2 diabetes

Volume 13    |   Issue 117

Does drinking alcohol increase your risk of getting diabetes? Or does it decrease your risk? And if it has any of these effects, how much alcohol are we talking about?

A meta-analysis looking at the answer to this question was recently published, and the results might just surprise you.

The authors of the study point out that several population studies have already suggested that moderate levels of alcohol consumption can reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes. But because of certain inaccuracies that can develop in population studies the authors decided to look at all of the existing information dealing with this topic. And so they conducted a meta-analysis.

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After the researchers adjusted for age, gender, and other cardiovascular risk factors, they found that the risk of a cardiovascular event went up 14 times for every unit increase in brain stress. In fact, over the course of five years, 35% of the highest-stress group experienced a cardiovascular event compared to only 5% of the lowest-stress group.

The researchers believe that these cardiovascular events may occur as a combined result of the activation of the fear centers in the brain, bone marrow activation, and arterial inflammation. They're hoping to conduct further studies to determine whether it's possible to disrupt this chain reaction. They also want to find out if lowering stress levels will directly lead to lower arterial inflammation.

While the researchers continue to tease apart the influence of each of these factors on cardiovascular events, I think it's sufficient for us to know that they all play a role and to go ahead and tackle both stress and inflammation. Try to interrupt this vicious cycle whenever possible by taking care of your body and looking for ways to cut back external stressors in your life.

I would also recommend you read the chapter in my book, Bursting With Energy, that's devoted to breath meditation. This is a simple, 10 minute-a-day practice that can significantly reduce the effect of stress on your body. These great habits can help keep excess neurological inflammation to a minimum. So will taking nutrients, such as those found in Reduloxin. This formula is especially effective at reducing systemic inflammation.

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