3 nutrients that might stop your migraine headaches

Volume 13    |   Issue 111

According to the authors of a brand new study, a high percentage of children, teens, and young adults with migraines appear to have mild deficiencies in vitamin D, riboflavin, and coenzyme Q10. But does this mean that giving them supplements will get rid of their headaches?

Previous studies have indicated that certain vitamins and vitamin deficiencies may be important in the migraine process. The problem is that studies using vitamins to prevent migraines have had conflicting success. Some say they work, some say they don't. But based on this observation, Dr. Suzanne Hagler, MD, a Headache Medicine fellow in the division of Neurology at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center decided to look at the issue a little closer. She wanted to know whether or not the reason some benefit and some don't might be due to the fact that some are deficient while others aren't. Here's what she did.

Dr. Hagler found a database of patients with migraines who had their blood levels checked for vitamin D, riboflavin, coenzyme Q10, and folate. Why was she interested in these particular vitamins? It's because all of them have been previously implicated in migraines. Here's what she found.

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Dr. Hagler discovered that girls and young women were more likely than boys and young men to have coenzyme Q10 deficiencies. Boys and young men were more likely to have a vitamin D deficiency. And patients with chronic migraines were more likely to have coenzyme Q10 and riboflavin deficiencies than those with episodic migraines.

So does this mean that some people out there could be cured of their migraines by simply taking a vitamin pill? According to Dr. Hagler, we don't know for sure. She says, "Further studies are needed to elucidate whether vitamin supplementation is effective in migraine patients in general, and whether patients with mild deficiencies are more likely to benefit from supplementation." But I can tell you this much. Regardless of age, if I were plagued with migraine headaches, I sure would try taking a good multivitamin source, such as my Super Immune QuickStart just to see what happens. The worst that would happen is that it didn't work and I'm a little healthier than before.

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