Is it a cold or an allergy? Here's how to tell — and how to treat both

Volume 13    |   Issue 97

Your nose is alternating between stuffy and running. You're sneezing and coughing. And you're tired. You might assume you've picked up a cold. But it could be allergies. And with the season change approaching, it's important to know the difference.

When fall comes, it often brings with it a new wave of seasonal allergies — and a fresh round of the virus that causes the common cold. But while you probably need to try to keep your germs to yourself if you have a cold, allergies aren't contagious, just uncomfortable. It's also reasonable for you to stay home and nurse a cold for a few days. But you can't do that for an entire season just because you have allergies, no matter how much you might like the excuse to skip out on work for weeks on end.

The problem is that all of the symptoms I mentioned above can indicate either a cold or allergies. So you need to look at what else is going on to get a more accurate diagnosis. In particular, pay attention to your eyes. Watery, itchy eyes tell you that you have allergies. Contrary to what many people think, watery or itchy eyes aren't a cold symptom at all — they're a dead giveaway for allergies. The same holds true if it's your ears or your throat that itches.

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In contrast, if you're running a fever, you know you have an infection, not allergies. A sore (not itchy) throat also points to a cold, as do chills and body aches. If you have any of these symptoms, you need to rest, drink plenty of water, and take one Advanced Zinc Lozenge with a 500 mg vitamin C tablet five times a day. These special lozenges contain the most effective form of zinc proven to fight cold viruses. Your cold should disappear in under 7 days.

If your symptoms aren't clear-cut, sometimes waiting it out is all you can do. If your symptoms persist for longer than 10 days, there's a good chance that they're pointing to allergies, not a cold. However, just because you know you have allergies doesn't mean you're doomed to be miserable for an entire season. Try Advanced Bionutritionals Ultimate Allergy Formula to give your body the tools it needs to deal with an onslaught of environmental irritants. It contains a blend of six herbs and nutrients that help stabilize your mast cells and allow your inflammatory response to normalize. It will also support your respiratory system and your immune system — helping you avoid coming down with the double whammy of allergies AND the common cold.

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