Could this plant extract keep cancer from recurring?

Volume 13    |   Issue 91

I can only imagine how devastating it would be to hear those words, "You have cancer." It takes a lot of courage and strength to fight cancer. But we do so in the hopes of someday receiving an all-clear from the doctors. But even when we hear that good news, as you may know, it's not necessarily over. The threat of recurrence still lingers.

That isn't fun to think about. And researchers know that. So they're doing all they can to find ways to minimize those fears — and your actual risk of experiencing a relapse. While some cancer-prevention strategies, such as cleaning up the diet, taking targeted supplements and hormones, detoxifying, juicing, exercising, and otherwise changing our lifestyles, help enormously, many cancers are both aggressive and sneaky. So you might need more specific ways to outsmart them.

One area in which researchers believe they're making significant progress is in fighting the recurrence of head and neck cancers. These have a tendency to come back with deadly force a few years after patients are pronounced clear. Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute have been focusing specifically on oral cancer, with promising results.

The researchers, who have published their findings in the journal Cancer Prevention Research, knew that cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cabbage are high in a molecular compound called sulforaphane. They also knew that sulforaphane can help protect people from carcinogens in the environment. So they decided to see what would happen if they put cancer cells and normal control cells in direct contact with sulforaphane.

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The researchers found that all the cells increased their levels of a particular protein. And this protein has a very important job: it turns on our "detox" genes, helping our cells fight off cancer.

The researchers then decided to see what would happen in people if they were exposed to high levels of sulforaphane. So they asked 10 volunteers to drink fruit juice spiked with broccoli sprout extract for a few days. Sure enough, that important protein became activated in the cells exposed to the juice. The researchers moved on to mouse studies, investigating how mice who were predisposed to head and neck cancer fared when they received the broccoli sprout extract. As they had hoped, the mice that received sulforaphane developed significantly fewer tumors than those that didn't.

These results were so promising that the researchers have begun a larger clinical trial of people who have survived head and neck cancer. The volunteers are taking their sulforaphane in the form of broccoli seed powder capsules, which is about as easy as it gets. I'm excited to hear the results of this trial, especially since the researchers are hopeful that sulforaphane might help prevent cancer even in people who have never had it before.

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In the meantime, you don't need me to tell you that broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables are great for you. More than 50 years ago a German doctor by the name of Max Gerson reported on how he healed 50 cases of stage-4 cancer using various natural therapies combined with vegetable juicing. And one of the biggest components of the veg juice he used were the cruciferous vegetables containing all the sulphoraphane. So if you have cancer or if you're in remission, take my advice and get in the habit of regularly juicing these important vegetables. And if you want to get really high levels, there's a product called OncoPLEX. This is the exact same form of the sulphoraphanes from broccoli seed extract used in this study. The product is sold only to doctors, so you will have to work with a physician versed in the natural management of cancer to get it. But I also suggest you take some Advanced Greens Formula every day. It not only has broccoli powder in it, it's also loaded with a host of other powerhouse foods in it. Adding it to your cancer prevention regimen could help prevent the cancer from returning – or ever appearing in the first place.

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