How a doctor eliminated the chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain of a veteran

Volume 13    |   Issue 90

Are you suffering from pain that won't go away? Have you been told that your only options are surgery or taking pain medications for the rest of your life? Well, if you have not had a trial of Prolozone Therapy, then you need to read an e-mail I just got from one of my students.

About 15 years ago, I developed a technique that combined some of the pain relieving effects of Neural Therapy with another pain relieving substance, ozone. Neural Therapy is a German technique that goes back more than 50 years. It involves injecting the local anesthetic procaine into certain points on the body.

Ozone is the most highly active form of oxygen in the universe. Ozone therapy also involves injections — injections of ozone into painful areas. When ozone interacts with damaged, painful areas in the body it acts to regenerate and correct the damage as well as to decrease pain. Since ozone is a gas, and a gas expands when it is injected into the body, ozone therapy is able to reach painful areas that liquid injections can't get to.

When I first started combining the two therapies, I was utterly amazed at how effective the combination was for even the worst cases of chronic pain. I called the procedure Prolozone Therapy. And once I had determined all the details, I started teaching other doctors how to do it. And now there are thousands of doctors all over the world using Prolozone Therapy to help their patients. Here is an email one of them sent me the other day.

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"Dear Dr. Shallenberger,

"I just wanted to give you a quick update about my Prolozone patient. I saw him yesterday and it was BY FAR the most rewarding patient encounter I have ever had. This man was at the end of his rope with pain. I had planned and ordered only enough meds to do either a neck or shoulder depending on his assessment findings, but he was in tremendous back pain as well. So I started with his neck.

"This man had been in chronic pain for 11 years. But after I injected his neck all his shoulder and neck pain disappeared. That tough burly Veteran sobbed with relief. Then I only could scrounge up enough medication for one syringe of your anti-inflammatory solution. After assessing, I decided to go with Point #1 bilaterally on the back just like you taught me. Once again after he stood up and started moving a bit, he was completely pain free and sobbing. He hugged me repeatedly. It was such a blessing!! I can't thank you enough for the training you provide!!

"His story is actually listed on a veteran website — worth reading if you get a chance ( They actually have a link to your website in Nevada as well as the oxygen healing site too. They filmed his injections yesterday and will at some point post it as well. I hope they do. His reaction was simply priceless. Thanks again!"

Friend, this is what makes it all worth it. I get letters like this all the time. There's just nothing a doctor can do that's more exciting than taking a patient out of chronic pain. So if you're suffering from chronic pain, please have a trial of Prolozone Therapy before you give up or resort to surgery. I find that close to 80% of all chronic pain sufferers can have complete relief from a series of two to three injections. And since it's a completely natural therapy, there are no side effects or complications. You can find the closest trained practitioner to you at the website of the American Academy of Ozonotherapy (

Yours for better health,






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