The fat that can reverse prediabetes

Volume 13    |   Issue 45

If your doctor says you have prediabetes, you want to make sure you do everything you can to slow its progression so you don’t end up developing full-blown type-2 diabetes. You’ve probably heard plenty of general advice about losing weight, exercising, and eating a healthful diet. Those are all important steps to take, but you may be wondering if there’s more you can do. There definitely is – but it depends on what type of prediabetes you have.

You may not have realized that there’s more than one type of prediabetes, but there is. When you have prediabetes, your blood glucose levels are higher than they should be, but not so high that your doctor will diagnose type-2 diabetes. But these high levels can occur for two different reasons. It might be that your liver is pumping out too much glucose. Or it could be that your muscles aren’t utilizing glucose properly.

Previous studies have indicated that the fat in your diet can have an effect on prediabetes. But a new study, published in PLOS ONE, indicates that these effects can vary depending on the type of prediabetes you have. A research team at King’s College in London examined the glucose levels and diets of a variety of people, focusing particularly on their saturated fat intake.

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They found that reducing levels of saturated fat in the diet was helpful for both groups of prediabetics. Doing so slowed the progression of the prediabetes. But for one group, replacing the saturated fats with polyunsaturated fats, found in vegetable oils and nuts, helped them even more.

This group consisted of those whose muscles weren’t using glucose properly. The polyunsaturated fats seemed to help the insulin receptors in the muscles work correctly. Since the other group didn’t have this problem, the polyunsaturated fats didn’t make a difference.

As this study points out, there are definitely diabetics and prediabetics who need to pay as much attention to the kinds of fats they eat as their carbohydrate intake. If you want to learn more about this concept, along with other secrets to preventing and resolving type-2 diabetes, read my book The Type 2 Diabetes Breakthrough.

An excellent source of fats no matter what type you have is my Complete Daily Oils . Take one to two every day. Then after a few months, go to and order the $79 test. It will tell you your Omega 3 Index. If it is over 8%, great. Your balance of fats is perfect. If it’s less than 8%, increase the Complete Daily Oils and recheck again a few months later.

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Nicola Guess, Leigh Perreault, Anna Kerege, Allison Strauss, Bryan C. Bergman. Dietary Fatty Acids Differentially Associate with Fasting Versus 2-Hour Glucose Homeostasis: Implications for The Management of Subtypes of Prediabetes. PLOS ONE, 2016; 11 (3): e0150148 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0150148

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