Is this surgery the answerfor severe knee pain?

Volume 13    |   Issue 36

There are some things we never notice until they're gone. One of those things is the cartilage that pads our joints. You probably haven't given any thought to this cushion that keeps your bones from rubbing against each other — unless that cushion has disappeared. While cartilage can wear away over time, it's also possible for it to be damaged suddenly. And unlike many other parts of our bodies, cartilage can't repair itself. Once it's gone, it doesn't grow back.

Fortunately, it's possible to replace cartilage with a synthetic material, with cartilage taken from healthy areas of the body, or with donor cartilage. This type of surgery has proven to be fairly successful in younger patients, specifically those under the age of 30. But until recently, doctors weren't sure what the success rate was for their older patients. This procedure can greatly improve quality of life for those who go through it successfully. It also can delay the need for knee replacement surgery. So it was important for physicians to know if it was a viable option for their older patients.

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The Hospital for Special Surgery decided to conduct two studies to evaluate the success of this procedure for people over 40. All of the patients who participated had degenerative cartilage. In the first study, the 35 participants had damaged cartilage under their kneecaps. The second study involved 61 participants with damage at the end of the femur. The average age of the participants was 51.5, and none of them had any other knee injuries.

The researchers followed the patients for an average of 3.5 years after their surgeries, following all of them for at least two years. Nearly all of the participants were happy with the results of the procedure. Almost everyone had a lot less pain, and more were able to participate in more activities than they were prior to the surgery. Both the kneecap group and the femur group had similar results.

These studies indicate that this procedure is promising for people of any age with damaged cartilage. But every surgery does involve some risks. And not all of these cartilage implants work. That's why I invented Prolozone®. While we still don't know if Prolozone  can regenerate damaged cartilage, it certainly seems like it can. The American Academy of Ozonotherapy is now sponsoring a clinical trial to find the answer to this question, and you will be the first to know what happens. Until then, just know this. Whether or not Prolozone actually regenerates cartilage, it can relieve most cases of knee pain. It allows most patients to resume their usual acitivities. For more information on Prolozone, simply look in the archives on my website: And to find a doctor trained in the Prolozone procedure, go to the "Find a Practitioner" page on the academy web site:

However, before you do anything, try Advanced Bionutritionals Ultimate Knee Relief. It's completely natural, has no side effects, is easier and less expensive than surgery and Prolozone, and is great for anyone with knee pain. It may reduce your inflammation and knee pain to the point that you can avoid surgery altogether and can minimize wear and tear, helping you protect your cartilage so that you never have problems in the first place.

Yours for better health,


Hospital for Special Surgery. "Procedures to repair knee cartilage show promise in treating patients over 40." ScienceDaily, 4 March 2016. <>.

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