Kudos to you! You're shopping votes were heard high up in corporate America. Demand for organic foods is skyrocketing. Total food sales are up two to four percent per year, but organic food sales are growing from 15-21% each year. Conventional stores, such as Safeway, Kroger, and even Wal-Mart are expanding their organic offerings. Whole Foods, which specializes in this market, is booming.

U.S. organic farms total only about 10,000, but their numbers are on the rise. The demand is so great that organic manufacturers now import raw ingredients, such as nuts, berries, and fruit, from such diverse places as Europe, South America, and even South Africa. The rush of imports has helped to stimulate domestic growth in the industry. We've already seen this in the efforts of Stonyfield Farm and Organic Valley. They're paying farmers to help them switch to organic or to boost their organic production.

By eating organic, you're helping your body stay healthy. It also spares you from the horrors of genetically modified foods. I've discussed these in the past. But now the situation is worse ... much worse. So it will be the subject of an upcoming article in Second Opinion. If you're not a subscriber, simply follow the link in the footer below to sign up online.

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And please keep shopping organic. The more people we get to shop organic, the more supply will catch up with demand and we'll eventually see lower prices.

Finally, don't consume any soy or corn - or processed products made from them - that are not organic (including tofu). They are the most genetically modified foods on the planet. I won't even eat tofu in Asian restaurants anymore if it's not organic. You'll discover the painful reasons why in my upcoming report.

Ref: Yahoo News, July 6, 2006.

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