Researchers find a powerful one-two punch for Raynaud’s disease

Volume 13    |   Issue 2

Do you have Raynaud's disease? If so, then you already know that most of the time it's just aggravating. But in some cases, it can become very serious. So let's say you have a serious case of Raynaud's. What can you do about it? Modern medicine has little to nothing to offer except pills for the symptoms. But there's a safe, simple, and effective way to actually cure even serious cases of Raynaud's.

A few years ago there was a very interesting study of four patients with severe Raynaud's. It showed that there might be a way out for many sufferers. All they had to do was use a combination of ozone therapy and ultraviolet light.

Raynaud's is a problem that happens more often in women than men, and can happen to people of all ages. It causes the fingers and sometimes the toes to become cold to the point of turning white in response to cold temperatures or stress. It also can affect other areas of the body, such as the nose, lips, ears and even nipples. Patients often have significant pain and numbness in the affected area. And the problem can be so severe that almost any exposure to even minimally lower temperatures can trigger the problem. For some reason, the exposure to colder temperatures triggers the arteries to go into a spasm. This cuts off the blood supply and causes the symptoms. So if there was a way to prevent the spasm, it might be possible to cure the disease.

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Researchers set out to discover whether or not a specific combination of ozone therapy along with ultraviolet therapy would be able to help four patients with severe cases of Raynaud's. Each of these patients had been diagnosed with Raynaud's for more than five years and were having a minimum of 10 attacks a week on average. I have seen many cases of Raynaud's, but never one that bad. The researchers treated each of the patients with ozone and ultraviolet light every one to two days for two to three weeks. They were then monitored for three months. The results were amazing.

Even in this group of very severe cases, some of the patients had absolutely no attacks in the three months following the treatments. Even the ones that weren't completely cured had a marked reduction in the number of attacks. The researchers also checked their hand temperatures before and after the treatments and discovered that although the hand temperatures did not normalize, they were definitely warmer.

Raynaud's phenomenon comes in two flavors. The most common kind is the one without a known cause. Other cases can be brought on by other diseases, such as scleroderma, lupus, pulmonary hypertension, carpal tunnel syndrome, circulation diseases, and some drugs (including beta blockers, migraine medications, ADD medications, and even over-the-counter cold medications). All of the patients in this report had Raynaud's from no known cause.

So if you have Raynaud's and can't find a cause or a cure for it, maybe ozone therapy will help. When ozone therapy is properly administered by doctors trained in it, it is among the safest of all medical therapies. To find a doctor, go to the "Find a Practitioner" page on the web site of the American Academy of Ozonotherapy,

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Cooke ED, Pockley AG, et al. Treatment of severe Raynaud's syndrome by injection of autologous blood pretreated by heating, ozonation and exposure to ultraviolet light (H-O-U) therapy. Int Angiol. 1997 Dec;16(4):250-4.

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