Why your digestive system doesn't work right

Volume 12    |   Issue 151

Are you having digestive problems? If so, there could be one simple reason. Are you getting enough fiber? Chances are, you probably aren't. The recommended daily amounts of 38 grams for men and 25 grams for women are higher than many people realize. On average, men get around 18 grams of fiber a day, and women get about 15 grams. That's a big gap, and people aren't trying very hard to close it. In fact, in 2010, 73% of Americans said they were trying to eat more fiber. By 2014, that number had dropped to 53%.

Many people aren't trying to get more fiber in their diets because they assume they're already getting enough. Unfortunately, that's rarely the case. Two fruit and three vegetable servings a day can help people hit their target numbers, but only 32% of adults eat that much fruit per day, and a mere 26% eat three vegetable servings. Plus, those numbers can be inflated by people thinking that the wilted piece of lettuce and paper-thin slice of tomato on their burger count as a couple servings — they don't.

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Fiber is a key component of good health. It helps to keep cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose, insulin, and weight in check. And of course, it helps your digestive system run smoothly. Many researchers have all but given up on trying to get Americans to eat the recommended number of fruits and vegetables. So they've turned their attention to fiber-fortified foods, such as bread, cereal, yogurt, and pasta. Fortunately, they're finding that mixing up your fiber sources can actually be beneficial. Not only are you more likely to hit your recommend amount by consuming fiber from a variety of sources, different types of fiber can perform certain functions better than others.

I still want you to make a strong effort to get your fruits and vegetables in. In addition to fiber, they're loaded with antioxidants and other beneficial compounds. But if you're having trouble getting your recommended amount of fiber, try Super Immune QuickStart, which contains 4 grams of fiber per serving, or Advanced Greens Formula, which has 3 grams of fiber per serving. While they won't fill the entire gap, they can help. Also consider using whole husk psyllium seed.

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