How to protect yourself from foodborne illness and antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Volume 12    |   Issue 143

Life these days is reminding me more and more about how it must be living in the jungle. You get up in the morning and go about your day never quite knowing what is going to bite you, chase you, or maybe even kill you. The recent outbreak of E-coli infections in Chipotle restaurants makes the case. You get hungry. It's about lunch time. So why not stop in the local eatery and get a little something? You get your burrito, never knowing that it's infected with bacteria that are not supposed to be there. Bacteria that because of the incredible use of antibiotics are now so dangerous that they can do more than just put you in the hospital. They can actually kill you. Yes, it's indeed a jungle. But you can arm yourself against the dangers. And it's simple and safe.

CBS News reports that this November, 41 plus people got sick from the infected food they ate at Chipotle restaurants. At least a dozen have ended up in the hospital. Dr. Scott Lindquist, Washington's state epidemiologist, said the specific germ responsible for the current outbreak is "Shiga toxin-producing E. coli O26." But do you really care what the heck the name of the germ is? The point is this happens all the time. Government authorities are all too happy to be satisfied with telling us what the bacteria was and how it got there, but what do they do to stop the contamination from happening in the first place? The answer to that is nothing. Why? It's because there's nothing they can do.

Last July five people became sick with another strain of E. coli after eating at a Seattle area Chipotle. Then two months later, 64 cases of salmonella illness were linked to tainted tomatoes served up at two Chipotle locations in Minnesota. That same month, 80 customers and 18 employees of a Chipotle in southern California became ill, and some tested positive for norovirus. So give me a break. Health officials are doing their level best, but it's not good enough. And don't think that not eating at Chipotle is going to solve the problem. The United States CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) just reported that multi-state outbreaks of foodborne illness have been steadily increasing over the years. On average, more than twice as many cases are occurring every year over the last five years than previously! So if our health officials can't do anything about the lions and tigers, it has to be us.

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I have already reported to you the new concept of pre-conditioning your body with ozone before it gets challenged. In 2006, researchers described what happened when they pre-conditioned a group of rats and then gave them all 100% lethal abdominal infections. The survival rate of the animals pre-conditioned with ozone was 33% greater than those who weren't that lucky. Not only that, but when they treated some of the pre-conditioned animals with antibiotics, their survival rate went up to 93%. This was much better than those without the pre-conditioning. Why? The authors were able to show that pre-conditioning dramatically increased the immune response. They concluded that the effectiveness of the antibiotic was enhanced because of the improved immune response before and during the onset of the infection. Because of that, they also concluded that anyone getting abdominal surgery should be pre-conditioned with ozone before they have the surgery just in case. But here's the point.

You don't always know when you're going to need surgery. And you certainly don't know when you're going to go into some restaurant and get an infection. Things happen in the jungle. And they are not predictable. So do what I do, and don't take any chances. Pre-condition yourselves and your families on a regular basis. That way no matter what shows up on your door step, you are as ready as you can be. All the instructions on how to do that are in the last few issues of Second Opinion.

But you must have an in-home ozone kit to make it work. You can purchase your ozone generator kit by calling Longevity Resources at 877-543-3398 (or 001-250-654-0092 outside the U.S. and Canada). You have to call this number (not the number on their website) to get the discount I've arranged for you. Make sure you tell them you're a Second Opinion subscriber. Your cost for the entire kit is $2,350.00 (+ $150.00 S&H). That's a substantial discount off the retail price. If you want to read more about it before purchasing, read the October and November issues of Second Opinion. I give you all the details you'll need to make an informed decision.

Yours for better health,


Bette M, Nüsing RM, et al. Efficiency of tazobactam/piperacillin in lethal peritonitis is enhanced after preconditioning of rats with O3/O2-pneumoperitoneum. Shock. 2006 Jan;25(1):23-9.

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