Brazilian researchers "discover" amazing treatment for arthritic knee pain

Volume 12    |   Issue 141

Researchers recently made an announcement at the American College of Rheumatology's Annual Meeting in San Francisco that's great news for anyone suffering from knee pain. They announced that they were able to demonstrate that injecting ozone gas into the knee can help reduce pain and improve the quality of life of people suffering from osteoarthritis (OA) in their knees. I have to be honest, these findings didn't surprise me at all. That's because I'm very familiar with this technique of injecting oxygen into an inflamed joint. In fact, I invented it over 20 years ago. I call it Prolozone® therapy.

Prolozone® therapy uses injections of the powerful oxygen molecule ozone into areas of the body that are damaged and in need of healing. Prolozone® treatments are about as close to a miracle treatment for back, neck, and joint conditions as I've ever seen. They not only get rid of the pain, but also actually heal the damaged tissues.

That's what these Brazilian researchers found when they began investigating treatments for OA.  In OA, the cartilage that usually pads your bones at your joints begins breaking down. The bones begin to rub together and against the bumpy remnants of the cartilage. This can be very painful. And, as you can imagine, it can significantly affect your quality of life.

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These researchers wanted to see if ozone therapy could help. So they enlisted 98 participants with OA in their knees. Sixty-three of them received injections of 10 ml of ozone, while the other 35 received injections of air.

The researchers evaluated the participants' physical functioning before, during, and after the period when they were receiving injections. They measured their pain; ability to sit, stand, and walk; and their quality of life. Those who received the ozone therapy showed significant improvement on tests measuring their pain, functioning, and overall health.

Even better, according to the results of a quality-of-life survey, the participants receiving the ozone injections had begun experiencing improvements in all areas after their fourth injections.

According to the researchers, "We think the work means that ozone can give the patient a better quality of life with less pain and more independence in daily life activities. Ozone also is capable of delaying the need for joint replacement surgery. It's a tool for the clinician to reduce pain or help control it."

I agree. That's why I developed Prolozone® therapy and why I've been training other doctors to use it for years. I also established the American Academy of Ozone Therapy (AAO) to help get the word out about this therapy and to help convince insurance companies to cover this remarkable treatment. If you're suffering from OA pain and want to find a doctor skilled in providing ozone therapy or simply want to learn more about this treatment option, visit our website at

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