How soy can protect your bones from breaking

Volume 12    |   Issue 139

Soy is one of the most highly debated foods we eat. Some people claim it causes cancer, but there is absolutely no data to support that. In fact, the data is strong that soy actually prevents breast and prostate cancers. That's why I put a healthy dose of soy in my Super Immune QuickStart Powder. But be careful about what kind of soy you are eating.

Almost all of the soy grown in the U.S. today is GMO. That means that it's not only internally contaminated with toxins, it's also heavily sprayed with pesticides. And many of those pesticides are known to cause disease. So as long as the soy you eat is organic soy, you're safe from all of these problems and you can enjoy the many benefits of this marvelous bean. For example, new research now shows that soy could be particularly good for menopausal women who are worried about osteoporosis.

As you may know, osteoporosis is a condition in which your bones begin to lose tissue. Over nine million fractures occur every year because of osteoporosis. And women who don't replace their hormones after menopause are at a higher risk because they are losing the bone-protective effects of estrogen. Since soy contains isoflavones that are similar to estrogen, researchers at the University of Hull decided to investigate whether consuming soy could help protect women during menopause.

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To test their idea, the researchers recruited 200 women in the early stages of menopause. They gave them a daily supplement of either soy protein with 66 mg of isoflavones or with just the soy protein. The women took the supplement for six months, while the researchers tracked blood proteins related to bone activity.

They found that those who took the supplement with isoflavones had much lower levels of a protein related to bone loss. As an added benefit, they also had a lower risk of cardiovascular disease than the ones who took the supplement without the isoflavones.

Even better news is that the researchers found that the supplement had similar effects to conventional osteoporosis drugs. But it had these benefits without the side effects that often accompany prescription medication.

The amount of isoflavones used in the supplement is similar to that found in a high-soy diet, such as that eaten in many Asian countries. The average western diet contains only about 2 to 16 mg of isoflavones, compared to the 66 mg in the supplement.

The researchers plan to continue investigating the long-term effects of soy, but these preliminary results are encouraging. If you're worried about your bone health, I think adding a moderate amount of soy to your diet is probably a good idea. But again, make sure it's organic. Otherwise, you'll likely do more harm than good to your health. And feel free to take a nice heaping scoop of QuickStart every morning. It not only contains 5 grams of non-GMO soy, it also contains very healthy doses of detoxifying herbs, vitamins, antioxidants, and immune system support.

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