When painful injuries don't heal, this could be your best hope....

Volume 12    |   Issue 122

What would you do if you fell and broke your shoulder? More than likely, you would go to the emergency room and follow the treatments recommended by the doctors you would see. Your hope would be for complete healing. But what if that's not what happened?

My wife Judy recently received an email from Jeanne. I've never met Jeanne. But I hope I get the chance to one day. She broke her shoulder and did significant other damage. She wrote: "Seven years ago, I fell at a Wendy's and broke my shoulder, pulled a muscle at the base of my neck, and injured the base of my neck. I had tons of therapy and still could not get my range of motion or the effect of the pulled muscle on my neck health corrected. It had so limited my activity that I could not blow dry my own hair. I thought I was resigned to this forever."

Jeanne was clearly in a tough spot. Conventional medicine had nothing else to offer her. Fortunately, her story doesn't end there. She continued: "I just HAD to tell you about my Prolozone experience…..Oh my gosh!... I read about Prolozone® in Second Opinion and told others about it also. Several friends have also had the Prolozone treatments for things like arthritis and, in one case, a torn meniscus.

"In my case, I saw huge benefit after the second injection into my shoulder. After four treatments, I am almost completely back to full range of motion. Additionally, I recently had my second treatment into the area of the pulled muscle at the base of my neck that was causing extensive issues with my neck these last seven years. Oh my gosh, what a relief! I can sleep, I can travel, I can pick up my granddaughter, and much more.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have NO idea how Prolozone has changed my life and the people I care about! Many Blessings."

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What a great story. I see this happen all the time with Prolozone. As you may know, I invented this therapy 20 years ago. And I've been teaching it to doctors from all over the world since then. So of course I think it's great. But I love it when others can tell you about it as well.

One of the things that saddens me most is how people needlessly suffer and then wait until the last minute to get relief. Often by then, the condition that would have responded really well initially will not respond nearly as well.

Last week, for instance, I talked with a woman who was suffering from back pain after three surgeries. Her condition worsened after each surgery. Now she's in a wheel chair. I'm sure that Prolozone would have helped her right from the start. But because her insurance didn't cover it, she went for the surgery. Other times I have heard people delay treatment because they would have to travel to get to a Prolozone doctor.

Five years ago, I established the American Academy of Ozone Therapy (AAO). One of our goals is to get the word out about ozone therapy and Prolozone therapy, and to get Medicare and insurance companies to reimburse for them. There are too many people suffering out there because they don't know about these therapies or can't access them. If you would like to help us spread the word, please go to the AAO web site (www.aaot.us), click on the "Contact" link at the very top of the home page, and let us know you are interested in helping. This website will also help you find a doctor in your region that can help you if you've got pain that won't go away.

Yours for better health,



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