Why does Congress want to make you eat GMO foods?

August 31, 2015
Volume 12    |   Issue 104

Have you noticed that when the government wants to pass a bill that is unpopular, they come up with a name for it that actually describes the exact opposite of what the bill will do? The House of Representatives has just passed a bill called the "Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015." No matter how you look at this bill, it is anything but that.

Does this bill help the FDA keep us "safe"? This bill has nothing to do with safety. In fact, it does everything possible to prevent the FDA from doing its job. I asked an attorney to look at the wording in the bill because, of course, who can understand anything the government comes up with these days? According to his evaluation, the bill would require an "unrealistic burden of proof to be satisfied in order to obligate the FDA to require that products containing GMO foods be labeled as such." This basically stops them from doing their job when it comes to GMO foods. So no, this bill is not about safety. It's about money. How about "Accurate"?

The bill would make it federal law that there is no difference between a genetically engineered food and its comparable non-GMO food. So now, except for the simple fact that GMO foods incorporate non-food genetic material, such as bacteria and insect genes, we are expected to believe that there is absolutely no difference at all. There's no accuracy in that statement. But the "Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015" does not stop there.

The law specifically states that GMO foods and products containing GMO do not have to be labeled as to what they really are. In other words, according to these legislators, you don't have the right to know what you're eating. Why? Because obviously you aren't smart enough to decide whether or not you want to feed yourself and your kids genetically altered food. So they don't have to tell you if the food you're buying has been genetically altered. That's bad. But the bill gets even worse.

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This bill makes it virtually impossible for natural food producers to label their foods non-GMO. It does this through extensive and mandatory regulations. Very few farmers will have the money, ability, and time to jump through all the regulatory hoops needed to let you know that their food is natural. So if this law passes, say goodbye to all those little labels on the foods you buy indicating they are not GMO creations. This is the upshot of this law – it guarantees that you will never know if you and your children are eating GMO food or not. This is also true for infant foods and baby formulas!

But you think: My state has already enacted legislation to force GMO foods to be properly labeled. Think again! Our legislators are smart. The bill removes the rights of the states to regulate any of the matters proposed in the bill. According to my attorney friend, "The bill has multiple preemption provisions which prevent the states from any contrary legislation."

So who does this law protect anyway? It's doing absolutely nothing to protect us or our children. If we don't want to eat genetically altered food, how is it unsafe for us to make that decision? Has natural food somehow become unsafe and only the synthetic stuff is healthy? Of course not! This law is designed for one and only one purpose, to make sure that the Big Agri companies that have created these GMO concoctions make as much money as possible. The people who make these monstrosities say they are safe. But what would you expect them to say? Since when does Big Anything hesitate at deception in order to get what they want?

I have reported to you in the past about several well conducted studies published in peer reviewed journals showing significant toxicity from GMO foods. Every First World country in the world except the good old USA has outlawed GMO foods. Now why would a country outlaw a food that has been proven to be safe? The answer is clear. After reading the studies, they did the right thing to protect their people.

The bill is HR 1599. It was introduced by Mike Pompeo, a Republican representative from the 4th district in Kansas. And it was passed by the Republican house after an estimated $29 million from Big Agri lobbyists. Thanks a lot Mike and the rest of you for looking out for Big Business instead of little children. You can find out how your representatives voted by going to: www.govtrack.us/congress/votes/114-2015/h462.

Yes, the House passed it a few weeks ago, but it still has to go through the Senate. But this could be very close! The money is pouring into the Senate faster than you can say "please don't make me eat that." Please contact your senators and ask them to stop this intrusion into our God-given right to know what we're eating. And if you really want to work against this bill, go to the web site of the Organic Consumers Association to find out more and to help organize. The web site is: www.organicconsumers.org.

Yours for better health,

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