In our last health alert, you saw how psychiatry and the drug companies are out to solve our nation's anger problems. Their solution, of course, is prescription drugs - usually tranquilizers.

While they like to blame TV and bad parenting for the rise in anger mismanagement, there's something else to blame. And fixing this one simple problem can reduce anger problems by 40% or more.

Some innovative researchers went into violent juvenile detention centers and cleaned out violence. How? By simply improving the teens' diets. Yes, just replacing soft drinks with juice, and swapping refined sugar with fruit caused an immediate 40% reduction in violence.

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Think that's just coincidence? Think again. God designed your body to survive. The survival instinct is called the "fight or flight' response, and is mediated by adrenaline. Pump adrenaline into a tranquil person, and you can get a crazed and uncontrollable behavior.

Now if your brain can't respond properly response to a situation, this "fight or flight" response will naturally come out. What might prevent your brain from working normally?  A lack of nutrients! Researchers have repeatedly shown that a mineral imbalance can dramatically alter your brains biochemistry, energy production, neurological response, and subsequent behavior.

So if you improve your diet with nutrient-rich foods and it causes an immediate drop in violence, is IED a real disease? Or is it simply the visible symptom of a more insidious problem - a brain starving for minerals? You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure this one out.

Action to take: If you or a loved one struggles with rage, don't let a shrink label you with this new diagnosis. And definitely don't let the shrink spoon-feed drugs to "solve" the problem. You'll be stuck with the label and the drugs for the rest of your life.

Instead, head to your integrative physician. Have your minerals, amino acids, and other nutritional deficiencies evaluated and fixed. The brain you save and the anger you avoid might be your own.

Ref: Archives of General Psychiatry, June 2006; Chicago Tribune, June 6, 2006.

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