If you have cancer, here's how to protect yourself against radiation and make it work even better

August 12, 2015
Volume 12    |   Issue 96

Not long ago, I reported to you on a remarkable study showing how taking the hormone melatonin can protect you from the dangers of radiation. Where do you get radiation exposure? Two ways. One, doctors often use it as a treatment for cancer. Two, CT scans have an unusually high amount of radiation. But melatonin is not the only protection you should be using if you have to be exposed to high doses of radiation. There's another treatment you need to be using as well.

Recently scientists published a study showing the remarkable way in which ozone pre-conditioning protects against radiation damage. I have talked to you many times before about pre-conditioning. Pre-conditioning is a form of therapy that's in the process of completely changing the face of preventive medicine.

How is that? It's because until this concept came along, all of the efforts of modern medicine have been focused on treating diseases after they have occurred. Pre-conditioning changes all that. Pre-conditioning is when people are treated before they get sick in order to prevent them from becoming sick. Wow, what a concept!

The researchers knew that radiation damages tissues through the action of free radicals. They also knew that the most effective way to combat free radical damage is by using ozone therapy. And so they did a very simple thing. They pre-conditioned a group of rats with ozone therapy for five days. Then they exposed them and an unlucky group of rats that had no ozone pre-conditioning to a single whole body dose of 6 Gy (Gray units) of radiation. This is a huge exposure. Keep in mind that acute radiation poisoning happens at doses over 0.1 Gy. This dose was 60 times this upper limit! After the exposure, the researchers measured the effects of the radiation in all of the rats.

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Not surprisingly, the radiation in the untreated rats caused a significant increase in the levels of free radicals and a significant decrease in the levels of the enzymes, such as SOD (superoxide dismutase), which the body uses to protect itself from free radical damage. And what happened to our little pre-conditioned critters? They did much better. In the words of the authors, "The results demonstrated that the levels of free radicals in liver and illeal [small intestine] tissues in irradiated rats that were pretreated with ozone were significantly decreased, while SOD activities were significantly increased." But that's not even the most amazing part of the study.

When they looked at the actual radiation damage that happened to the livers and small intestines of the pre-conditioned rats, the ozone "reversed all histo-pathological alterations induced by irradiation." This means that there were absolutely no signs of any damage at all in any of the pre-conditioned rats. This is simply astonishing. The authors concluded, "In conclusion, data obtained from this study indicated that ozone could increase the endogenous antioxidant defense mechanism in rats and thereby protect the animals from radiation-induced organ toxicity." And why is this so important?

One reason is obvious. If you have cancer and are regularly getting radiated with either CT scans or radiation therapy, you can protect your body from all of the negative effects by pre-conditioning with ozone. But will the ozone therapy somehow protect the cancer cells in the same way it protects healthy cells?

Absolutely not. This is because, as this study clearly shows, ozone exerts its protective effects by stimulating antioxidant enzymes such as SOD. And while healthy cells can make these enzymes, the beautiful thing is that cancer cells can't! In fact, the added oxidant stress from ozone therapy only serves to make cancer cells more vulnerable to radiation. I routinely use ozone therapy in every single one of my cancer patients because of this remarkable effect. You can find a list of doctors well versed in ozone therapy by going to the website of The American Academy of Ozonotherapy: www.aaot.us. If you can't find a doctor who is close enough to you, look back at the May 2015 edition of Second Opinion to find out how you can pre-condition yourself right in your home.

Yours for better health,


Gultekin FA, Bakkal BH, et al. Effects of ozone oxidative preconditioning on radiation-induced organ damage in rats. J Radiat Res. 2013 Jan;54(1):36-44.


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