Last November, I warned that Tylenol was causing acute liver failure, kidney and brain damage, and even death in some people. Many people shrugged off these warnings, thinking most of the damage was in people who were already sick. Now we have evidence that the highest recommended doses of Extra Strength Tylenol damages your liver even if you're healthy.

In the study, researchers followed 145 healthy adults at two medical centers. The experimental group took acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol. The second group took a placebo.

Participants took the drug or placebo every six hours for 14 days. They all ate the same diet. The researchers measured their liver enzymes daily for eight days. (Liver enzymes are a direct marker of liver damage, since damaged liver cells release enzymes.)  

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So what happened?  Of the 106 people taking the drug, 41 saw their liver enzymes triple! That's right; their liver enzymes tripled in just eight days!

This should be a rude awakening to the world about drugs and the drug industry. Here we see a drug marketed every day on TV as safe and highly recommended. Yet taking the dose on the label subjects a healthy adult to serious liver damage.

I don't think acetaminophen is safe in any dose.  And I don't think anyone should ever take it . especially since there are natural pain and inflammation remedies that work just as well.  These include willow bark, capsaicin, curcumin, ginger, boswellia, and proteolytic enzymes such as Wobenzym.

Also, if your pain is from an injury, I recommend a homeopathic remedy called Traumeel.  It's safe, it's inexpensive, and it works extremely well.

Lastly, if your pain is from arthritis, you should consider Advanced Joint Support by Healthy Resolve.  My patients continue to rave about dramatic the results they get from this product.

Ref: JAMA, July 5, 2006.

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