Volume 12, Issue 64
Why "you are what you eat" is so scary

There is certainly no lack of serious problems in the world today. But one that just doesn't seem to make the nightly news is the quality of our food. Why? It's because on the list of today's biggest problems, food quality doesn't seem to be all that big of an issue. However, in terms of the health of our children and their children, it might be the biggest problem of all. And today I want to tell you about a new film that just came out that should scare the heck out of you. It's about GMO foods and the massive cover up that's going on.

The film is called, "GMO OMG." The GMO stands for genetically modified organisms. The short explanation of GMO foods is that scientists have learned how to adjust the genetic codes of natural foods. With these adjustments, the plants can withstand herbicides like Roundup. The modifications also contain pesticides, so insects won't eat the crops. The result is manmade food the likes of which the planet and our bodies have never seen before. When you watch this movie and see all that goes on with GMO foods, you'll think "OMG," which stands for "Oh my God!"

The purveyors of these Frankenfoods insist that they are safe. Some even suggest that nature has been doing GMO for centuries. Plants crossbreed and adapt to changing conditions all the time. The problem is that nature doesn't combine elements of chemical insecticides! And natural food isn't covered with herbicide residue.

GMOs are becoming increasingly common. Virtually everything you eat in fast food restaurants contains GMO foods. Maybe you don't eat fast food much, but most of the country does, especially the kids. Virtually all of the soy, corn, beets, and canola oil available in the United States is GMO. And the list continues to grow.

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GMO foods are all over your local grocery store. Yes, even Whole Foods, a supposed purveyor of healthy foods, sells GMO foods. Fortunately, a few restaurants and stores, such as Chipotle, are moving away from using GMO ingredients. This is great news, as the word about GMO is finally getting out. But this move is harder than you might think. You can always identify which foods are GMO and avoid them because they are labeled, right? Wrong. The huge GMO industry has done everything it can to make sure that their foods are not labeled. They don't want you to know what you are eating. So odds are you are eating them regularly and don't even know it!

The government is doing everything it can to promote GMO foods. Why? Because the GMO industry is so huge that they can easily buy and pay for the services of our legislators. When was the last time you heard one legislator anywhere in any party at any time address this scandal? Don't hold your breath. GMO food production is a massive American industry.

And here is a sobering fact. Because of the many published risks and dangers of GMO foods, they are forbidden in almost every civilized country. America is the big exception. So if you want to be sure you are eating a normal food, you will have to travel to Europe.

But don't even think that what I have told you in this short report is all you need to know about GMO foods. It's much worse than that. And that is why I urge you to become aware of this problem that might very well seriously affect the health of your children and their children.

You can see the movie trailer for "GMO OMG." at http://www.gmofilm.com. You can also learn about where the film is showing and how to buy the film for your kids and grandchildren. I hope you take the time to do this. The producers of this film are doing everything they can to help with this enormous problem that is being swept under the rug by the government and the media. Variety magazine calls the movie "Alarming." Screen Daily calls it "A revelation! Constantly provocative."

Yours for better health,

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