I showed you in the last e-alert that supplements and drugs aren't the best way to treat diabetes. I also mentioned that lifestyle changes are the absolute best way to reverse this terrible condition.

Most doctors argue that lifestyle changes simply take way to long to dramatically affect diabetes. But now I've got proof that you can reverse many cases of diabetes in just three weeks - simply by changing your lifestyle.

Christian Roberts of UCLA recently led a study focused on lifestyle changes. What he discovered is nothing short of miraculous.

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Roberts and his team studied 31 overweight men with either type-2 diabetes or metabolic syndrome (pre-diabetes) who enrolled in the residential program. When researchers provide housing for the participants, it's much easier to control what the group does. So the study is far more credible, especially when the researchers are looking at diet. They can know precisely what everyone is eating.

In this case, the team tested a diet that drastically restricts certain types of fat and sugar. The diet is also heavily plant based, although Roberts did allow meat. Foods would include fruit, salads, oatmeal, brown rice, and vegetable-heavy meat casseroles. The patients also walked on a treadmill for 45 to 60 minutes a day.

As I would expect, many commonly measured parameters of diabetes improved - glucose, cholesterol, and blood lipids. But Robert's study was novel. His team also indirectly examined the effect of the program on the blood vessels, which diabetes will damage over time.

The researchers measured the levels of certain markers in the participant's blood, including the production of free radicals and nitric oxide. Free radicals damage the lining of your cells. And nitric oxide widens your arteries and clears stagnant blood.

After the three-week trial, the researchers found that free-radical production fell, while nitric oxide increased. (Remember Viagra indirectly increases nitric oxide in your body as well. So this diet should be very attractive to men. It can preserve their sex lives.)

Roberts told the New Scientist, "The effect can be very dramatic given that, of the vast majority of people who go through the program, at least 50% are no longer clinically defined as diabetic after three weeks, which suggests this disease is reversible." He continues, "The study shows, contrary to common belief, that type-2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome can be reversed solely through lifestyle changes."

If you have adult diabetes or metabolic syndrome, most cases are completely reversible. Sometimes the damage done to the blood vessels is irreversible, so it's important to make lifestyle changes now. Exercise is vital. And you must change your diet to one that is largely plant based, with very little fat. You'll be amazed at the impact it will have on your health - and how fast it will happen.

Ref: Journal of Applied Physiology, DOI: 10.1152/japplphysiol.01292.2005; NewScientist.com, 13 January 2006.

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