Volume 12, Issue 57
Stop the severe pain of post herpetic neuralgia in minutes

Do you know what post herpetic neuralgia or PHN is? It is a complication of shingles. And it can be a very serious problem. PHN often causes severe, lifelong pain. And there is no conventional treatment for it other than to drug the patient up to the point that they don't notice the pain as much. But as usual, even though my conventional colleagues don't have a treatment for it does not mean that a treatment doesn't exist. Last week my partner, naturopathic doctor Jeff Hanson, successfully treated a severe long-term case of PHN in less than five minutes.

You hear a lot about shingles these days. It's mostly from the pharmaceutical company Merck who wants you to buy their vaccine for shingles. I discuss whether or not this is a good idea in the upcoming June issue of Second Opinion. One of the problems I reported on was that the vaccine is not perfect. Shingles can still happen to as many as 82% of those getting the vaccine. The other problem with the vaccine is if you do get shingles, the vaccine doesn't decrease your chance of developing PHN. And while shingles lasts only 10-14 days, PHN is lifelong.

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When patients get shingles, it causes an intensely painful rash. The conventional treatment for shingles is anti-viral drugs, which can help, but really aren't that effective. However, shingles is caused by a virus. And all viral infections can be eradicated by a combination of ozone and vitamin C therapy. So if you're lucky enough to have a doctor who knows about ozone therapy and you start the treatment within the first few days of the infection, you can knock it out in three to four days. This treatment will also lessen the chance that you will develop PHN from the infection.

With PHN, the shingles rash goes away, but the pain never does. And that pain can be severe. That's exactly what Mary B. was experiencing. Mary is a 54-year-old woman who came to our clinic with a relentless case of PHN. She had been on pain and anti-depressant medications for years. All the medications did was dull her sensations and make her feel tired and listless. Literally every aspect of her life had been compromised by this horrible condition. She had tried everything from acupuncture to herbs to salves. Nothing worked at all. She came to us hoping for a miracle. And if you ask Mary, a miracle is what she got.

Dr. Hanson gave her a Prolozone treatment over the area in the spine where the PHN originated. Within a matter of minutes the pain was reduced. The next day she called and reported that her pain was almost completely gone. She told Dr. Hanson, "My pain is so low that even if it were to never get any better than this, I will be forever grateful." But it will get better. A few more Prolozone treatments will see to that.

Prolozone is a technique that I developed 20+ years ago to relieve pain and stimulate healing. In that time, I have taught the technique to over 3,000 doctors worldwide. Simply put, Prolozone uses the power of oxygen combined with homeopathics, vitamins, and nutrients to stimulate healing and to eliminate pain. You can learn more about it in the archives of Second Opinion.

So if you are suffering from the pain of PHN or any other source of pain and you need help, find the closest doctor to you who has been trained in Prolozone. There are quite a few now. You can find them at the website of the American Academy of Ozonotherapy: www.aaot.us.

Yours for better health,

Shallenberger, F.A. Prolozone - regenerating joints and eliminating pain. Journal of Prolotherapy. 2011;3(2):630-638.

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