Volume 12, Issue 55
Why more attacks on those who chose to avoid vaccines matter to you
The Disneyland measles outbreak is now officially over. But the whole affair is not over. Big Pharma is pushing their vaccines more than ever. And why shouldn't they? How would you like it if you had a patent on a drug that was approved to be used on every single man, woman, and child even if they were well? Big Pharma has that in vaccines. And how about if you got the government to protect you from any liability in the event that your drug caused damage or death? Big Pharma has that as well. And how about if you got the insurance industry to pay for the drug? Check, they have that too. And finally, how about if you got the government to force everyone to take the drug? That would really be great. The money would roll in like crazy without any risk or liability. The perfect scenario for a drug company. But here's the problem. They don't have that — yet!

No they don't have it yet, but they are busy working on that little problem. Just recently, legislators in California introduced a bill that would force every single child to be vaccinated with all 32 vaccines in order to go to public school. The only way to get out of the forced vaccines is if there is a compelling medical reason not to vaccinate. If that passed, at least in the most populated state in the union, Big Pharma would have had their dream come true. But unfortunately for them, it did not pass. Why?

It turns out that many people in California don't trust Big Pharma. And they still believe in freedom of choice. As one mother said in the hearings, "Are you telling me that I have the choice protected by law to kill my unborn baby whenever I want to, but I won't be able to choose whether or not to shoot him up with 32 different drugs if I decide to let him live?" As you might guess, there was no direct answer to that compelling question.

The problem with the idea of forced vaccination is that there is absolutely no evidence at all that it could have prevented the recent Disneyland outbreak. The assumption has been made that the outbreak started from an unvaccinated individual. But that is just an assumption. The truth is that it could just as easily have been started by a vaccinated individual.

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A case was just reported in 2013 of a child who developed measles from a measles vaccine. That child could easily have exposed other people to the disease. This concept is not new. There have been many cases of patients who have contracted the disease they were being vaccinated for from the vaccine itself when the vaccine is a live virus vaccine. The measles vaccine is a live virus vaccine. Another example is the polio vaccine. It is also a live virus vaccine. Polio is rare in this country. But it does still occur. And last I checked, every single case of polio that has occurred in this country in the last 15 years has been from the vaccine not from a naturally occurring infection. That's not all.

People recently vaccinated with a live virus vaccine can spread that virus for up to weeks or months after they received the drug. For example, the Johns Hopkins Patient Guide warns people with weak immune systems to "Avoid contact with children who are recently vaccinated," and to "Tell friends and family who are sick, or have recently had a live vaccine (such as chicken pox, measles, rubella, intranasal influenza, polio, or smallpox) not to visit."
Additionally, a statement on the website of St. Jude's Hospital warns parents not to allow people to visit children undergoing cancer treatment if they have received oral polio or smallpox vaccines within four weeks, have received the nasal flu vaccine within one week, or have rashes after receiving the chickenpox vaccine or MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine.

Sally Fallon Morell is the president of the Weston A. Price Foundation. The Foundation promotes a healthy diet, non-toxic lifestyle and freedom of medical choice for parents and their children. Recently she said, "The public health community is blaming unvaccinated children for the outbreak of measles at Disneyland, but the illnesses could just as easily have occurred due to contact with a recently vaccinated individual. Evidence indicates that recently vaccinated individuals should be quarantined in order to protect the public." The data is pretty solid. There is no reason at all to conclude that the Disneyland measles outbreak had to be started by an unvaccinated person. It might just as well have been started by the measles vaccine itself. No reason that is unless you are Big Pharma and have a Big Dog in that fight.

If you trust Big Pharma, then my advice is to get every vaccine they are selling. Because according to them, these drugs are really good for you. But if you don't have that level of trust, then do all you can to protect the freedom of every American to choose whether or not to be injected. If we lose the right to that choice, I am afraid that more infringements are coming. If we lose that right, I can promise you that the day will come when parents will lose their children and doctors will lose their licenses if they refuse to vaccinate.

Yours for better health,

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