Volume 12, Issue 50 |  
Dr. Oz — and alternative
medicine — is under attack
You probably heard the news — Dr. Oz is under attack! I've never seen a Dr. Oz show, but I hear about him all the time. My patients tell me about the things that he's promoting, and they seem to like the show. I am quite sure that there are things on which I agree with Dr. Oz and others where I think he is wrong — just like any doctor. But make no mistake about it — this attack on Dr. Oz is no different than the attacks I and many other doctors have suffered.

The attack came from a gang of 10 doctors. This gang, headed by Henry Miller, MD, sent a letter to Columbia's dean of medicine saying Dr. Oz should be fired from the school. Why? It's because Dr. Oz has the audacity to discuss and recommend therapies and remedies that are natural and drug-free.

As I and so many of my colleagues have experienced, these attacks are always based simply on the fact that we don't buy into the party line of drugs, surgery, and poison. They think we're a threat to their system. And we are.

Along with Dr. Oz, we regularly expose the issues with conventional medicine. For instance, besides having the guts to go up against the big money at Monsanto and other GMO producers, Dr. Oz has angered the medical community by saying he didn't vaccinate his children. You have to understand that these two issues are complete heresy in the religion of conventional medicine. Doctors like Dr. Oz who buck these official doctrines must be burned at the stake.

In order to discredit Dr. Oz, Miller and his gang members told Columbia University that they were "surprised and dismayed that Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons would permit Dr. Mehmet Oz to occupy a faculty appointment." They called for his immediate dismissal.

This gang of attack dogs refers to themselves in the letter as "distinguished physicians." Let's look at what distinguishes them enough to be judge and jury of Dr. Oz. Dr. Miller is a specialist, not in medicine, but in "Scientific Philosophy & Public Policy" at Stanford University. He is definitely not a doctor you would want to see if you were really sick. But he is definitely one of those elite ivory tower docs who look down on anyone he might disagree with. To show you just how concerned about your health Dr. Miller is, you should know that he helped run disinformation campaigns and fake science front operations for Big Tobacco back in the 1990s. In fact, he founded the tobacco industry front group The Advancement of Sound Science Coalition. Obviously, Dr. Miller is interested in money – not your health.

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Another member of the gang, Dr. Gilbert Ross, was the executive director of the American Council on Science and Health. This is another shady group that Dr. Miller started in 1978. Together, these two men built a powerful front group that actively solicits funds from corporations that have no interest in your health. One of their big positions is fighting GMO labeling. In fact, four of the "experts" who signed the letter to Columbia University receive money from GMO companies. Oh, and one more fact about Dr. Ross. He's a convicted criminal. He conducted an extensive scheme to defraud Medicaid and was "convicted of racketeering, mail fraud and conspiracy" in 2005. He lost his medical license and was sentenced to 47 months in jail. He also had to pay $612,855 in restitution. These are the "distinguished physicians" who signed this letter.

Dr. Oz is under attack for bringing "the public information that will help them on their path to be their best selves." The doctors who signed the letter don't care about your health. Their history proves it. They are no better than a street gang who just did a drive-by shooting to send a message. They want to destroy Dr. Oz because he legitimately threatens their financial well-being.

When asked about freedom of medical opinion, Dr. Miller was happy to explain, "Freedoms end where patient safety begins, and Oz's promotion of worthless products that might have side effects and that delay patients seeking safe and effective therapies threatens public safety." This is the standard mantra repeated over and over by my drug-pushing colleagues. But when was the last time you heard about some nutritional substance or herb harming someone? It happens, but it is very rare. In fact, the truth is the direct opposite. Drugs are the third leading cause of death in this country. It is people like Dr. Miller who are threatening the public's health by continuing to push drugs that "have side effects and that delay patients seeking safe and effective [natural] therapies."

My readers, many of whom are doctors, just want the truth. My job is to report on the scientific facts regardless of whether folks like Dr. Miller think I am "distinguished" or not. I have shown you the studies that strongly indicate that GMO foods are not safe, no matter what some elements in Big Medicine say. I have also shown you the studies that indicate that vaccines are more dangerous and less effective than the "distinguished" docs are touting. So I come to Dr. Oz's defense, not because I think he has all the answers, but because these kinds of vicious attacks by doctors who don't hesitate to call themselves "distinguished" need to be called out for what they are. They are egotists who hate admitting when they're wrong. Fortunately, Columbia University didn't cave into the request and has stood behind Dr. Oz. But this isn't the last he'll hear from the opposition. They are relentless. And Dr. Oz isn't the only one in danger these days. It's our entire medical system, which focuses on money and drugs instead of on patients, that's floundering. Keep doing what you're doing, Dr. Oz. You're ruffling feathers!

Yours for better health,

"Dr. Oz responds after prominent physicians call for his firing from Columbia University." by Eiahe Izadi, April 18, 2015. www.WashingtonPostNews.com.

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