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Simple way to increase muscle mass

Everybody knows that one of the most important things you can do for your health as you get older is to maintain a healthy muscle mass. But that’s not so easy. It’s certainly not as easy as it was when we were younger. Studies have shown that older people lose the muscle mass they gain from exercise at an alarmingly fast rate. Stop for about two months and you are back to square one. But what if there was a pill you could take that could significantly increase your muscle mass in only months? Well, according to a recent experiment it looks like there is such a pill.

I told you on Wednesday that the reason some people gain muscle easily and others, like me, don’t is because of a protein called myostatin. Myostatin inhibits muscle growth. So the more you make, the less muscle you have. Fortunately, this pill can help you produce less myostatin and build muscle mass faster and easier.

A recent study showed just how effective this treatment is. In the study, the researchers experimented on 24 healthy men. They gave half of them a single dose of 6.6 grams of a product called Fortetropin. They gave the other half a placebo. Then for the next 24 hours they measured the blood levels of myostatin. Within six hours, the myostatin levels in the Fortetropin group dropped 30% and stayed that way for the entire 24-hour period. The levels in the placebo group did not change.

Next, they took 45 men and women and divided them into three groups. They put all three groups on the same diet and weight training program. The only difference was that they gave one group 6.6 grams of Fortetropin, another group 19.8 grams, and the last group a placebo. Here’s what happened after three months.

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They used DEXA body scans to determine muscle mass before and after the study. The placebo/exercise-only group had a net gain of .7 kg of muscle mass. Both of the Fortetropin groups did about twice that. The results were similar for muscle size. The researchers used ultrasound measurements of key muscles and found that the Fortetropin groups had about double the increase in muscle size as the placebo groups. The larger dose was no more effective than the smaller dose. And there were no adverse effects from taking Fortetropin. But here's the thing you have to think about.

The placebo groups ended up being significantly stronger than the Fortetropin groups on both bench press and leg press. Their muscles were not as big, but they were stronger. I think we have all met people like that who did not appear all that muscular, but who were very strong nonetheless. So it seems that the increase in muscle size was not accompanied by an equal increase in strength. Whether this means that the gains were not as significant in terms of the aging process is not known. The fact is that both muscle mass and strength decrease as we age. And this combination is associated with a decline in overall health. So here’s my take on all this.

First of all, the experiment shows just how dramatic exercise is. Even without the help of the myostatin inhibitor, the placebo group had measurable increases in both muscle mass and strength. Sure the amount of muscle gain in the Fortetropin group was twice, but was it worth it? Fortetropin goes for $8.30 per packet of 13.5 grams. So the dose used effectively in the study would be 1/2 a packet or $4.14 per day. That comes to about $125 per month. In terms of the usual cost for supplements designed to help with muscle gain, this is not expensive. So for many of you who are convinced that like me you have probably been blessed with just a little more myostatin than you would hope for, Fortetropin might be just what the doctor ordered.

Fortetropin is an all-natural formula that contains a proprietary blend of proteins, peptides (protein fragments), growth factors, and fats. It comes as a powder. To buy it, go to www.cenegenicsstore.com. It is called "Cenegenics Muscle Formula." And don't forget the working out part! That is essential. I suggest you get a personal trainer to make sure you are doing it right.

Yours for better health,

The Effect of Fortetropin on Muscle: Clinical effects on lean body mass, fat mass and muscle size; Implications for use and proposed mechanism of action Hariri R, Dariani M, Padliya N, et al.

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