In my last message, I told you how an untreated ulcer can lead to stomach cancer. I also gave you several remedies that help speed the healing of the ulcer.


Today, I want to tell you what to do after the ulcer is gone. You see, even after you've successfully treated the ulcer, it's still important to reduce your risk of subsequent cancer from the H. pylori germ.

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Researchers from Korea, where stomach cancer is common, have found two commonly used vitamins that can keep H. pylori from progressing to cancer. They looked at vitamin intake and cancer development in 136 patients with h. pylrori. They found that those with the highest intake of vitamins C and E had a significantly lower risk of contracting gastric cancer.


What's more, the researchers found a diet high in these vitamins reduces the risk of cancer even in those with a very high known risk.


The results of this study were based entirely on diet and not on supplement intake. It's good to know that a solid diet, consisting of lots of fruits and vegetables, can prevent the disease all by itself.


However, if your diet isn't rich in fruits and vegetables, definitely make sure you're taking plenty of vitamin C (1,200 mg) and E (400 IU) supplements. A multivitamin such as Healthy Resolve's Max Plus should prevent most cases of stomach cancer. But no one can guarantee that a supplement will do for you what a whole foods diet can do. Now that summer is here, this is a great time to make the healthy switch to the highest quality diet you can. I assure you that this study is applicable to more cancers than just stomach cancer.  In fact, it will likely prevent most cancers.




Ref: Kim H.J., M.K. Kim, et al. "Effect of nutrient intake and Helicobacter pylori infection on gastric cancer in Korea: a case-control study," Nutr Cancer, 2005; 52(2): 138-46.

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