Doctors often warn chemotherapy patients against taking antioxidants. Where they get this nonsense is beyond me. But here is a brand new study that shows you how ridiculous their thinking is.

The study found that vitamin C, one of conventional medicine's banned vitamins, may actually sensitize cancer cells to chemotherapy drugs. You read that right! It might actually make chemotherapy drugs more effective.

In the study, patients took vitamin C along with the common chemotherapy drugs 5-FU and cisplatin.

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The researchers found that vitamin C altered the DNA of the cancer, which made it more sensitive to chemotherapy. They also found that vitamin C actually improves the cancer-fighting ability of the drugs.

I can't tell you how many of my colleagues were severely harassed for suggesting that their patients take antioxidants as part of their cancer treatment. When I lived in Anchorage, oncologists repeatedly condemned me for the same reason. I hope this new information, which was published in one of their respected journals, will change their minds on this.

In my experience, I've seen vitamin C protect patients against the devastating effects of chemotherapy. I've even seen it make the chemo work better. And I've found that it will help prevent many patients from losing their hair.

If you or anyone you know is using chemotherapy, this is life-saving information. Make sure the oncologist sees this article. The cancer you kill, and the hair you save, might be your own.

Abdellatif, et al. "Vitamin C enhances chemosensitization of esophageal cancer cells in vitro." J Chemother, 2005;17(5):539-549.

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