You may know that a nasty virus called varicella (herpes zoster or chicken pox virus) can cause a painful condition known as shingles. You may have suffered through it, or know someone who has.

The virus infects a peripheral nerve causing intense itching and pain. For most, it is self limited, meaning it stops after the bout is finished. But for some, especially seniors, there's a risk of post herpetic neuralgia, which causes ongoing pain for months and years after the virus clears.

Big Pharma has tried for years to sell you drugs and vaccines for this condition. The author of a recent study on one such vaccine touted it as a great discovery. But here's the truth and what you should do instead.

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In the study, the vaccine reduced the number of cases from 3.3% in the placebo group to 1.6% in the vaccinated group. The vaccine essentially cut the number of cases in half. Not bad, until you look at the sub-study, which that studied the vaccine's adverse effects. The researchers discovered that those who received the vaccine had a staggering 24% more bad side effects than the placebo group.

Now, compare those numbers to those obtained in a study conducted over 30 years ago using intravenous vitamin C therapy. Between 1949 and 1974, Frederick Klenner, MD reported that 7 out of 8 adults treated with only two to three grams of IV vitamin C were free of pain within two hours of the first injection. (These patients also received one gram of vitamin C orally every two hours.)

And another researcher, Dr. Dainow (in 1943) reported 14 of 14 cures with intravenous vitamin C. And another study, this one by Dr. Zureik in 1950, studied 327 cases of shingles. Again, there was a 100% cure rate just three days after using intravenous vitamin C.

In my own practice, I've had the same type of success using oxidation therapy as well as vitamin C. It works in almost every case I've tried. If you get shingles, head to your nearest integrative physician. There's no reason to suffer from shingles or post herpetic neuralgia.

Ref: JAPS, vol 10, no 4.

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