What if I told you that the cause of many multiple sclerosis cases is the same culprit that's implicated in Alzheimer's disease? Since both are brain diseases, it might not surprise you. But it might surprise you to find out that we're all susceptible to it.

For years, alternative doctors have suspected toxic metals as a cause of MS. Until now, we've primarily focused on mercury and iron as the primary suspects. Now we need to broaden our horizons. If you have MS, new research suggests aluminum might be the culprit!

Keele University researchers in England have found very high levels of aluminum in the urine of MS patients. The levels were particularly high in the relapsing-remitting form of MS. The researchers also found lower levels off silicon excreted by MS patients. Silicon is a necessary mineral. It's aluminum's natural antagonist in your body.

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The implications of this study are tremendous. It indicates that MS could have a previously unrecognized environmental factor.
And it also means there's a simple treatment for it.
If you have MS (or any brain illness), I recommend you take this article to your alternative doctor. He can give you a challenge test for aluminum. A good test is to receive an injection of the aluminum-binding drug deferroxamine (500 mg). You then collect your urine for 24 hours to measure for aluminum. The same drug is also an excellent chelator of iron.

You also can remove aluminum with specific chelating agents. Silicon, which is very safe, is one of the best nutrients for doing so. My favorite brand is BioSil (orthosilicic acid). It's available in most health food stores and on the Internet. Shop for the best price. I recommend you take six to 20 drops in half a cup of water per day.

There's no reason to have aluminum in your body. It has no known role and we know it's toxic. Its presence in flu vaccines is associated with a heightened risk of dementia and Alzheimer's! And now we know the metal plays a role in MS.

Ref: Medical News Today, February 17, 2006.

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