You may have heard that Wal-Mart has announced a huge push into organics and environmentally friendly food products. One store in Dallas will serve as a trial to test the market.  That store will feature over 400 organic items including organic produce, wild ocean fish caught by sustainable fisheries, and even organic cotton baby clothes.

I'm delighted to see a corporate giant like Wal-Mart take these steps. I hope this test pays off for them. Because if it does, the real dividends could be huge for all of us.

If big retailers like Wal-Mart carry organics, it will filter through the entire food industry. More companies will produce organics, bringing costs down for everyone. There will be less poison dumped on our agricultural lands, poisons that wind up in you.
Big-Agri might come to learn that organic farming is actually less expensive and more productive than using chemicals. They might even learn that growing safer and more nutritious foods are more insect and disease resistant. It would give them a huge advertising incentive.

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If you visit Wal-Mart, please take a moment to thank them for this new policy. You can thank them even more by buying from their organic section. Help Wal-Mart and its competitors see the financial gain in going organic. Your dollars will do more to save the environment than politicians could or would ever do.

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