For years, I've been warning you that statins are not only dangerous but unnecessary.  I've been telling you that even though statins lower cholesterol, they do nothing to improve your health or lengthen your life. And now the Journal of the American Medical Association has published a study that shows I'm right.  

The study, a huge 513 multi-center trial, compared the mortality rates of statin users to those who adapted "usual care" (lifestyle changes).

The researchers gave pravastatin (40 mg) to 5,170 patients and "usual care" to 5,185. They found that pravastatin reduced cholesterol by 17% vs. 8% with "usual care" over four years. They also found that "bad" LDL cholesterol levels came down by 28% with pravastatin vs. 11% with "usual care." With the frenzy over cholesterol as a killer, and medical suggestions that half our population should go on these synthetic chemicals, you might lay odds that the pravastatin group did better. Good thing you were not in Las Vegas. The house would have won.

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In fact, the mortality of the groups was essentially identical. That's right.  Even though people taking statins lowered their cholesterol, they saw no decrease in mortality rates.  Which is what I've been saying for years.

But the authors soft-pedaled the truth: "The results may be due to the modest differential in total cholesterol (9.6%) and LDL-C (16.7%) between pravastatin and usual care compared with prior statin trials supporting cardiovascular disease prevention."

What they're burying is that lifestyle changes do as much as the costly statin to save your life. So what is society getting for thousands of dollars per year per patient for this class of chemicals? Lighter pockets and congestive heart failure (caused by the statins) - that's it!

I've said for years that statin therapy may lower your cholesterol, but that it won't help you live longer. And this study proves it. Before you start taking any drug therapy, get your doctor to prove that your life quality will be improved or lengthened. Just because it changes some arbitrary number doesn't mean it will save your life.

Ref: JAMA. 2002 December 18;288(23):2998-3007.

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