You've probably heard all the hype around a new study released last week that says a low-fat diet doesn't protect you from cancer, heart attacks, or strokes.

On the surface, this study appears to be fairly impressive. It was part of the Women's Health Initiative of the National Institutes of Health (the first major study to show that hormone therapy after menopause has more risks than benefits). This particular section of the Initiative studied over 49,000 women between the ages of 50 and 79 for eight years. And the researchers spent over $415 million to make sure this was the "last word" on diet and disease. In fact, because of the number of people it studied and the amount of money spent, some in conventional medicine are calling this "the Rolls-Royce of studies."

But here's the problem. If you look closely, what the study really measured was two groups of women who ate virtually the same amount of fat. One group got 29% of their calories from fat. And the control group ate 35% of its calories as fat.

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Most Americans get about 30% of their calories from fat. Adding or subtracting 5% to 6% will have very little affect on your health. Why didn't they measure a diet of 30% fat and 15% fat? Or why didn't they measure a diet that consisted of good fats versus bad fats? They could have even measure the effects of fruits and vegetables versus refined carbs.

This was a golden opportunity for the researchers to add to our knowledge about nutrition. But they blew it!

Action to take: If you want to be healthy, the single best advice I can give you is, "If God didn't make it, don't eat it." This means avoiding packaged foods and concentrating on fruits and vegetables. And, of course, get most of your fat calories from good fats, such as fish oil, olive oil, and coconut oil.


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