Last week, I told you how diabetes can be mastered with natural remedies. In the first article, I concentrated on aloe vera. This herb can have an incredible impact on your diabetes. The article was so popular, we've received a flood of inquiries about where to buy the best aloe vera available.

There are many products on the market. Years ago, I read a book on aloe by Lee Ritter called "Aloe Vera, A Mission Discovered." The book talked about how aloe vera products greatly differ in concentration, potency, and effectiveness. And I've since seen this to be true in my own practice.

Aloe contains large amounts of a substance called mucilaginous-poly-saccharides (MPS). These compounds are very complex stacks of sugar molecules. They have extraordinary benefits for your immune system, circulation, wound healing, inflammation, glucose tolerance, and much more.

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Unfortunately MPS molecules are very fragile. If the cut plant is not handled properly, enzymes in the plant will immediately act to break down these very large molecules into more simple and inactive sugars. It's for this reason that I recommended a product with documented MPS content. And I recommended you take aloe extract containing 1,200 mg of MPS daily for ideal results.

There are many fine aloe products on the market. Some are even distributed by multi-level companies. The product I like the best, and that I'm currently using is called Aloe Immune. Aloe Immune contains a high quantity of the most important MPS fraction - acemannan. Acemannan may be one of nature's most potent immune stimulants. I generally suggest that adults start with 2,000 mg of Aloe Immune daily. Then you can work up as tolerated. There's no known toxicity. You can find Aloe Immune at many health food stores and online or at Longevity Plus (800-580-7587).

The other two products I like are Aloe Master (comes in concentrated liquid or capsules - 800-934-2563) and Dr. David Wheeler's MPS Gold (800-760-3530). You also might be able to find these products in your health food stores. Please write me and let me know how well these products work for you.

Yours for medical freedom,

Diabetes Care. 2003 Dec;26(12):3215-8.

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