You may already know that taking fish oil protects your heart and your brain. But new evidence shows that fish oil not only prevents damage to your brain but also reverses damage that's already been done!

In one study, scientists from the University of California at Los Angeles genetically engineered mice so they were prone to develop Alzheimer's disease. Then they took one group and added DHA to their food, while the second group, the control group, was fed a diet without DHA.

After three to five months, the DHA group had 70% less amyloid protein buildup in their brains. This sticky gunk is a protein that's the hallmark of Alzheimer's. It makes up the plaque that causes this horrible disease.

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In another study, scientists found that DHA protected mice against damage to neuronal connections called synapses. This allowed them to perform better on memory tests. The DHA actually reversed the damage done to their synapses and helped them improve on the tests.

In addition to fish, DHA can be made in your own body from the omega-3 raw material found in walnuts, flaxseed, and hemp seed and oils. Your body's ability to convert the raw material wanes with age. That's why I strongly recommend you take a high-quality fish oil product. Make sure you take one that's certified mercury free, as mercury can also cause memory problems.

If you're a vegetarian, you can also use a product called Neuromins. This is the highest quality non-fish source of DHA you can buy. It's made from a concentrated sea algae, which fish use to acquire DHA. You can buy Neuromins, by Nature's Way, at most health food stores and on the Internet.

Ref: Neuroscience online journal, March 23, 2005.

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