I love organic foods.  They are the only foods I can recommend wholeheartedly because they have the full nutrient content God designed.

Sadly, the nature of the organics we buy at the store is changing. Big agriculture companies have taken a significant step to weaken organic standards in the interest of corporate profits. A court ruling based on the old law demanded that processed foods labeled organic must be exactly that - organic.

There were exceptions. Small amounts of synthetic or non-organic ingredients could be added where there were no practical or reasonable alternatives, or where the cost of the organic ingredient would be astronomical. Exceptions had to go through a two-step process demonstrating safety and need. The National Organic Standards Board (NOSB)  would take proper attention to the matter and render a thoughtful decision.

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It was a very good system. But big businesses didn't like it. Their interest is in the bottom line. They want to bring the price of organic processed foods closer to conventional foods, even at a cost to the integrity of the product.

After heavy lobbying, the corporate moguls managed to get their way. Congress has stripped oversight from the NOSB and given it to the Secretary of Agriculture, who can approve the addition of a synthetic or non-organic additives to your foods on his own whim. Considering how the political game works in America, I have little doubt what will become of the standards under the control of one political appointee. We need only look to the FDA for the consequences of the political game.

Who were the pushers of this legislation? Large companies such as Smucker's, Dean Foods, and Kraft, to name a few. But the most surprising was Whole Foods. I'm not sure why this solid company was involved. I imagine they like the idea of having more products to sell to a wider audience.

After all, many of these foods will be healthier than your typical processed foods (but not nearly as healthy as they are right now). And it's quite possible the prices of these foods will come down. That will make healthier foods more widely available, which is good.

However, I don't like the cost we have to pay to do this. If you add a chemical to food, it makes that food non-organic. Telling people they're still organic is deceptive.

So what does this mean for you? Primarily, it means you have to beware of packaged goods that claim to be organic. You'll start seeing "organic" on all sorts of things that don't contain all organic ingredients - or that also contain harmful additives.

Fortunately, fresh produce shouldn't be affected. So you won't have to worry about your fresh, organic fruits and veggies. They should remain organic.

My advice is consistent: Eat healthful, living foods in a form that's as close to what God made as possible.

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