Volume 12, Issue 24
The truth about the measles and
the measles vaccine
These days, common sense appears to be rapidly losing ground. Over the last few weeks, it seems like there is no possible way for me to avoid hearing all about the "new, incredible, and dangerous" outbreak of measles. Talking heads are receiving their pro-vaccine talking points. And legislators are quick to saddle up to their biggest contributors, Big Pharma. There's no doubt some will use this "epidemic" to force their vaccines on health care workers, babies, school children, first responders, and who knows who else. So what's this big emergency about anyway? And is the measles vaccine really the answer?

Are we talking about some kind of deadly virus that is sweeping the nation? Or is this some kind of virus that has never been seen before? No to both. Although measles can extremely rarely bring about a death, so can the vaccine that is supposed to be so great at preventing it. And how many cases are we talking about in this "epidemic?" An unbelievably small 150 cases in the entire country! This is a joke. How many have died? None. How many have even been hospitalized? We don't know for sure, but the last estimate was 15. Excuse me, but where's the epidemic? We have thousands more than that in the hospital every year simply from your basic flu.

We live in the most highly vaccinated nation in the world. The U.S. childhood vaccine schedule specifies all infants less than one year old should have no less than 26 vaccine doses during their first year! That is the most vaccine doses that any country in the world gives to its babies. Considering that we have over 300 million people living in America, how can any sane person call an infection rate of 150 an epidemic? Where has all the common sense gone? And that's not even the worst of it.

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Out of the 150, we have no idea how many were vaccinated. They're not reporting it. The best we can get is that the majority were not vaccinated. I can pretty much bet you that if the number of unvaccinated cases were high enough, we would know that number for sure. So the fact that it isn't being tracked or reported indicates that a very substantial number of these 150 cases were in fact vaccinated. So if getting vaccinated does not protect you against getting the measles, then why get the vaccine? But there's more.

The vaccine industry took great pride to announce the end of measles in 2002. They were citing that because so many children were getting the vaccine that cases of measles had declined all the way down to less than 50 cases in the entire nation. Compare that to 600 cases in 2014. So I guess if the vaccines were so effective in reducing measles in 2002 and the measles rate multiplied by a factor of over 11 in 2014, the vaccination rate must have dropped dramatically in the post 2002 years. But that's not what happened. In that time, even a higher percentage of children were vaccinated. This simple observation points to a very obvious fact. The measles vaccine doesn't work. If it did, the measles rate would not have gone up as vaccine use increased, it would have gone down. But don't expect to hear this from the media, your doctor, or your politician.

The media and the politicians have already been bought and paid for. And any doctor speaking out against vaccines is sure to be just as popular as the kid who pointed out that the emperor had no clothes. And no matter what they tell you, the measles vaccine is not safe. Over 78 studies have been published that show a distinct relationship between the measles vaccine and autism. The incidence of autism in those darned Amish people who just refuse to vaccinate their children is an amazing zero. And just this last year, an Italian court ruled that when the evidence was closely looked at, the plaintiff had developed autism from his measles vaccine. Are you surprised that this piece of information never made it to the American press? I'm not. As the famous 20th century American author Upton Sinclair once said so well, "It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!"

Yours for better health,

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