Volume 12, Issue 13
What the Super Bowl has
to do with your pain
Anybody out there have pain and want to get rid of it right away? With the Super Bowl coming up on Sunday, there's one group of people who come to mind — NFL players. If they don't have pain somewhere, they are probably not playing. And they don't have all year to get over it. Game time is every seven days (or less). A recent article in the USA Today newspaper reveals some of the ways these guys do it. And one of the ways was invented by yours truly.

The article is entitled "Alternative Medical Options Now Sought Throughout The NFL." You can access it simply by just putting the title into your search engine. The article quotes Josh Sandell. Dr. Sandell is a chiropractor who works for the Minnesota Vikings. His job is to treat the players' injuries and get them back on the field quickly. And one of the things that he recommends for these players is Prolozone Therapy®.

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As you probably already know, Prolozone uses a combination of oxygen in the form of ozone, along with various nutrients, to stimulate the body to heal faster. I developed this technique some 20 years ago and have since taught it to thousands of doctors all over the world.

I estimate that by using Prolozone, it is possible to avoid about 80% of the various surgeries that are used to help people in pain. This includes joint replacement surgery and spine surgeries. In fact, if I were the emperor of the world (my wife says no to that), I would make it mandatory for everyone considering a surgical solution for their pain to have a trial of Prolozone first. Unlike surgery, Prolozone is safe, inexpensive, and never ever makes things worse.

If you have pain of any kind and are thinking about surgery, make sure that you consult with a doctor trained in Prolozone before you go under the knife. You can find a doctor trained and certified by the American Academy of Ozonotherapy at the academy website, www.aaot.us. And if you're a doctor who would like to learn this simple, easy, in-office technique for your patients, you can find out about training seminars at the same website.

Yours for better health,

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