Volume 12, Issue 8
How African doctors fight their
own Ebola - and why they can't
give it to their patients
The nightmare continues. It's hard to imagine the inhumanity that can go on in the name of ignorance, power, and money. But I don't have to imagine it. I witness it every day.

You may remember that after Drs. Rowen and Robbins went to Sierra Leone, The American Academy of Ozonotherapy sponsored another ozone specialist to go to Sierra Leone a few weeks ago. Because of the politics going on in Sierra Leone, I am not going to use his real name. I'll call him Mike.

The academy sent Mike in armed with ozone generators, vitamin C, and other supplies. The idea was simple. There is no effective treatment for the victims of Ebola infections. The combination of vitamin C and ozone therapy has been shown to be inexpensive, safe, and effective in every virus it has been used on to date. So we were expecting Mike to be getting back with all kinds of details of how lives were being saved in that impoverished country. Instead, this is what I am being told.

The UN in the form of the World Health Organization (WHO) is calling the shots in Sierra Leone. Here is their plan. If someone gets Ebola, everyone in their home is confined to the home with an armed guard out front. Families that are well off can have food and water brought in. Poor families cannot. They often end up dying from lack of sanitation, starvation, or dehydration. They might not be dying of Ebola, but they are pretty much dead anyway. But that's not all.

The home then gets declared a "Red Zone." This means that only personnel authorized by the ministry of health are allowed in or out. The doctors who have been trained to use vitamin C and ozone therapy are not allowed to go into the home. The net effect is that the people confined to the house are not able to get any therapy at all to strengthen them against a possible infection. All they can do is wait. So what happens in the event that they do get Ebola?

If they start to get sick with anything, they call 117. The next thing is that an ambulance comes by and takes them to another quarantine holding center where they are tested for Ebola. According to Mike, "If they didn't have Ebola before they went there, they will have it after they get there!" If the test comes back positive, the patient is then taken to the "treatment center." The official WHO "treatment" that they will get is Tylenol, a known liver toxin, and IV fluids.

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If the patient has money, he might be able to get the only other WHO approved treatment, convalescent serum therapy. This has been used successfully in the U.S. But in Third World countries, it is risky. If the blood is not cross matched adequately, the patient will die from the treatment rather than the disease. If you get into a treatment center, the odds are 60-70% that they will carry you out in a body bag. Only those with the strongest immune systems will survive. So in view of these terrible numbers, surely the government has allowed at least a few victims to be treated with ozone and vitamin C?

So far no. But Mike told me about three doctors who were working with Ebola patients that did get the treatment. All three of them came down with symptoms characteristic of Ebola. They were not tested for Ebola because if they had tested positive they would have been condemned to the "treatment centers" and would never have been able to get the ozone and vitamin C. And here's the thing. All three of them were completely cured within 48 hours after receiving the treatment protocol. But it's a catch-22 situation. If you test positive for Ebola, you are not allowed to get the ozone and vitamin C therapy. So the only cures we have are in patients in whom we can't prove had Ebola. The ignorance continues to be astounding! 

I wrote a letter to Mr. Theo Grace. Mr. Grace is a WHO technical officer working with the Ebola crisis. I explained to him that ozone therapy has been used for the past 60 years all over the world, and that it has been shown to be entirely safe. I listed various efficacy studies published in the international literature showing ozone to be effective for various viral infections. Here are some excerpts from his response:

"Dear Dr. Shallenberger, Thank you for this clarification. I would add that a thorough review by the FDA has found no effect from the use of ozone at sub-toxic levels. Study into the use of vitamin C has shown no effect at usage beyond providing the RDA."

This is out-and-out deception. First of all, the FDA, while not a proponent of ozone therapy, has never conducted any kind of review of it much less a "thorough review." Secondly, many published studies have shown that intravenous vitamin C therapy is an effective treatment for cancer at doses tens of thousands of times above the RDA. I make no apology to Mr. Grace that although he may be a technical advisor to the WHO, he apparently has no problem shooting off his mouth about things that he knows nothing of while people are dying of a potentially easily curable disease. But it gets worse. He goes on:

"I will add that I am surprised to hear about the synergy of anti-viral agents and ozone in bacterial diseases. To reiterate the standard of evidence necessary (assuming no data can be provided in filo virus models) is a systematic review in a reputable journal, with peer review (to clarify a journal on ozone therapy would not be considered reputable in this case, much in the manner that a journal on GSK products would not be a reputable journal for their vaccine, as there are issues of vested interest)."

This is mumbly-jumbly for "I don't care what the facts are, I would rather have people die than to try something that I don't know anything about." The ignorance cries out. But answers are coming. Each week it seems that the actual doctors and nurses who are on the front lines caring for the sick are using ozone and vitamin C on their own. In the next update on this dire situation, I will tell you about some cases that are starting to turn the tide.

Yours for better health,

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